YOUR Birth Matters- Guest Post By Melissa Meyer

 Just adore this guest post from a new Birth Boot Camp teacher in Oregon!  (Yes, we are everywhere!)  Melissa is incredible and she says something that incredibly has been FORGOTTEN these days.  

Women- they actually matter.  The health and the happiness of the mother matters.  It impacts her baby and their life together.  

Let's not forget about mothers.


 Birth Really Does Matter

When a group of women get together the conversation almost always comes around to childbirth. The memories and feelings of our births are so strong that they are imprinted on us for life. They are memories we want to share with one another good or bad, to talk through the pain or joy. From natural birth to cesarean we all have a story.

Birth Matters.

When I hear people say: As long as the mother and baby are okay, that’s all that really matters. - I cringe. Of course we want a healthy mother and baby. But don’t we want them physically and mentally healthy?

When a birth doesn’t go as planned the mother’s feelings are brushed aside. She is told to be thankful she and the baby are healthy. And she is thankful for that but there is so much more emotion, hopes and feelings that have been shattered. She just needs you to listen. She wants you to validate her feelings. They are real.

Birthing Mamas- Just because your first birth didn’t go as planned does NOT mean you are doomed for life. There are people out there who understand and want to help you educate yourself so you are able to make truly informed decisions. Birth can be amazing and joyful. It can be full of excitement and wonder. Each pregnancy is different just as each birth is different. Please don’t sell yourself short and miss this beautiful rite of passage.

My goal in becoming a natural childbirth educator is to empower women to stand up for themselves. I want to teach women that birth is a normal, natural process. Birthing women have choices and they do not deserve to be bullied into having unnecessary interventions.

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Melissa Meyer, BBCI


Yes!! It's so sad that our standards have become about merely surviving birth. It doesn't seem to matter if a woman felt disrespected, ignored, or even abused (or felt like her baby was). As long as her baby is not dead she should be happy. I hate that line. I'm glad there are so many people working to change things!
MN Hypnomom said…
Love, love, LOVE this :)

Another part of this is that birth does affect baby. They may be healthy physically, but with invisible mental scars that they will often not even remember consciously. I know of a well respected hypnotist who will often reframe a clients birth, and suddenly several issues will resolve without any other intervention.
Melanie Kissell said…
Wonderful message, Melissa!

I've devoted almost thirty years of my life [as a perinatal educator and breastfeeding specialist] to helping expectant moms to really "get" this:

"It's YOUR body, YOUR baby, and YOUR birth!"

Of course everyone wants a healthy outcome and a happy ending in the birthing process. Sheesh! That should go without saying! But our mental and emotional well being is just as vital as our physical health. "State of mind" should never be glossed over or swept under the rug.