Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation in Ukiah, California

Sarah Clark offers placenta encapsulation in Ukiah, CA
Placenta pills! 

I offer placenta encapsulation in Ukiah, California for women who desire the benefits that placenta encapsulation can bring. I have to admit, that when I first heard of the practice of consuming your own placenta, I was a little put-off!

But when I found myself pregnant with my fourth baby in six years, after back to back pregnancy and nursing, I felt pretty tired. If placenta encapsulation would help me recover and stay sane, then I was willing to try it.

I was amazed at the difference that placenta encapsulation made in my postpartum recovery. I felt so much more balanced and far less moody. I was simply HAPPY. Even my husband, who had been very skeptical, noticed a big difference. I can't say I suffered from depression before, but the first weeks with a new baby had always been far more overwhelming and full of tears. I started preparing placentas for consumption for a few close friends who were concerned with milk supply or postpartum depression issues. They too were amazed at the difference that placenta encapsulation made for their postpartum recovery. Eventually, simply due to demand, I decided to add this service to my offerings.

I hope that placenta encapsulation will be the gift to you that it has been to me!

Basic Info:
How much does it cost to have my placenta encapsulated in Ukiah?
Fee- $225
Includes: placenta pills in vegan capsules, jar and directions. I will prepare the placenta, dehydrate, encapsulate and deliver.

I have completed an OSHA blood-borne pathogens certification and carefully sanitize all equipment and the area both before and after the process.

If you want the benefits of encapsulating but prefer to do it yourself, here are step by step directions with pictures of placenta encapsulation. I also love this article about the benefits of placenta encapsulation and consumption. Encapsulating your placenta does take some time, so it is helpful if your partner prepares your placenta for you or if you at least sit down to do it. New moms need their rest.

May you have a fabulous postpartum!
You can contact me at or 707.472.7071
I can't wait to hear from you!

Note- it is recommended that women not consume their placenta if they test positive for STDs like HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis. 

And, while countless women find placenta encapsulation to be incredibly beneficial, studies do not yet prove that it is effective.