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Forgetting Easter

Forgetting Easter Let’s just add this one to the file marked, “Amazing Parenting Moments in the Life of Sarah.” It was Easter. This is a pretty big holiday in our house. Maybe the biggest one. I don’t make a huge deal out of the Easter bunny, not wanting the kids to get too distracted by the fluff and never learn what the purpose of this day is in our own belief system. Plus, dare I admit it- I really hate the idea of candy for breakfast. Who invented the chocolate breakfast followed by church idea anyway? A bachelor uncle? Still, I feel like I should do something for the kiddos. Don’t want them to be the only ones waking up to… nothing, on Easter Sunday. Alas, I forgot. Saturday evening at 8pm I realize with a panic. I tell the husband- “I’ve got to go! I forgot about Easter!” He stifles a laugh as I dash out the door. It is not his responsibility to remember stuff like this. He loses not a second of sleep over it. Moving on. We’re not going to talk about this. No

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