Picture of Dad Catching Baby- Amazing Birth Photography

You may have heard that I teach birth classes.  I love it.

As part of my classes I have started inviting a doula to come talk about what she does for a single class night.  It is so much fun to hear them talk about the benefits of doula work.

In this way I recently met Sophia who is not just a doula but a midwife apprentice and a birth photographer in the Sonoma County area.
I will be sharing some of her amazing pictures!  Love them.
These are so wonderful though because there is a special bond between dad and baby when dad gets to do the catching.  Birth- as it should be!
Sophia said about these pictures:

"Oakley Strong, first son with three older sisters all born at home. Couldn't even tell mom was in labor (she's like this with all her labors). She would twist her wrists around a few times during contractions then go back to playing solitaire online. She stood up, said it's time, and walked back to the bedroom. Two pushes and he was born into his dad's arms!"

You can check out Sophia's work on her website and contact her about her services!  (And she does placenta encapsulation too!)

Dad catching baby- a moment you can't replace.

Look at that big beautiful pulsing cord and all that squishy vernix on that baby!  Amazing!

A peaceful newborn baby.  That is how birth should be.


WOW what a labor! We're doing our first home birth (baby #3) in about 5-6 weeks and I'm so excited for my husband to catch the baby!
Joy@WDDCH said…
Look at all that vernix!!! I showed my daughters the pic (three of them under age 7) and they have been told what vernix is before but I got to tell them again. LOVE THIS! Way to go Momma and Daddy!