Natural Birth is CONTAGIOUS!

 I just love this post from another one of the amazing women I have met training new childbirth educators.  Dani Long is just one of those people you LIKE when you meet them.  I loved spending a few days with her and getting to know her.  

And this post- SO TRUE.  

There are a million ways to market things- but do you know what really works?  Women talking to other women and sharing their stories.  

Ladies- talk about your great births!  It creates change!

And, if you need an amazing birth class in Spokane, Washington, check out Dani.  She is teaching and you will love learning from her.  

A few months ago I posted a story on my facebook about Gisele Bundchen (Victoria Secret model extraordinaire) giving birth to her and Tom Brady’s second child peacefully intheir home. A friend commented on my post “What’s up with all these VS models having natural births?” It’s simple: 

Natural birth is contagious. 

One might find it odd that natural birth would have a place in a world where stilettos, hair extensions, fake eyelashes, and pumped up lips are the name of the game. If you take away all that stuff though, and go underneath, what you have is a group of girls who work together, travel together, and spend their days together. When a woman is expecting her first baby, the first people she’ll want to talk to are her girlfriends who have been there. 

Most of the time, sadly, she’s met with horror stories about how (Pitocin induced) contractions are horrible, pushing lasts for HOURS and results in “ripping all the way from front to back” or something equally terrifying. But if she’s lucky, she’ll have a friend who will say, with eyes sparkling “I had an amazing birth.” 

Women who loved their birth experience, and felt empowered by the choices they made during it, have a glow about them when they speak of welcoming their babes. It’s a gentle beckoning that draws expectant moms in wondering “What does she know that I don’t? Can I have that? Can it be for me too?” I think this is why several of the VS models have had natural births during the last few years. It began with one who spoke well of her birth experience to her friends which peaked their curiosity to learn more so that they, too, could have that kind of experience. 

My mom had natural births, so I did too (you can read my birth stories here). I was the first of my sisters to give birth. When my older sister became pregnant, she came to me. I told her my births were hard work but the best experiences of my life. She began preparing to have a natural birth, and did. When our little sister became pregnant, she went to my older sister to get the scoop. She had a natural birth too. To date, all my sisters who have had children have had them naturally. Is it good genetics? Good childbearing hips? 


 It’s the sharing of positive experiences, information and education about natural birth and the many benefits to it for both mom and baby. 

Natural birth is contagious. Help an expectant mom catch the fever by speaking about your positive birth experience. Encourage her to take a childbirth class that will leave her confident and excited to embrace her journey into motherhood. 

Spread the love.