Joyful Induction With NO Pain Medication

I wanted to share this victorious birth picture for many reasons.  Obviously it is a georgous moment and captures the joy of a loving couple welcoming a new baby.  But I also wanted people to see that birth can be amazing in different situations.  This mom felt she needed an induction and asked on the Mama Birth Facebook page how to go about doing it without an epidural.  

Yes it IS possible to birth without pain medications even when an induction is necessary.  So glad this mom had the support and the knowledge to make it happen.  Congratulations on a job well done!  Below is the caption she sent me.  Picture used with permission.

"Wanted to post an update since I posed the question about going epidural free while being induced last week. I did it! At the end of the day it was my support circle who convinced me that I could do it! I completed my 3rd epidural free birth, two natural labors and one induced labor! My husband, midwife, and my L&D nurse believed I could AND protected my rights to be up and moving! One thing I can say now is that labor on Pitocin is manageable but a occiput posterior birth (why she didn't drop) is nuts, on several levels. At the end of the day I'm proud of my healthy bundle, myself, and glad to say our family is complete!"


julie said…
Wow I give her MAJOR kudos!! I wanted nothing more than a medicine-free birth. Unfortunately I had a high leak and was GBS positive so I was admitted around 39 weeks and was given Cervadil. I woke up in violent pain and bleeding heavily...they gave me some kind of drug that literally had me hallucinating, followed by an epidural for the unbearable pain and then started the pitocin.

Thanks be to God my baby girl was born healthy. I was still able to deliver vaginally but I hate that I was medicated. Praying hard for a home birth if/when there is a next time!
HistoryGirl1977 said…
Congrats to this Mama! I had my own epidural-free induced birth six months ago, and I remember it vividly -- I think my face looked like that when my daughter was born, too!
I thought perhaps I was the only one out there who had an induced birth without an epidural, but I am happy to realize I was wrong! :)

Medication-free birth is the way to go!
Unknown said…
WHOA! Thanks to Facebook Time Memories I'm seeing THIS for the first time! HOW AWESOME of you Jodi! I love it! Andddddddddddddddd, Gianna was my THIRD pain-killer-FREE birth! The first two were not inductions though, but good ole fashion membrane stripping! What I didn't know about my third delivery (until I was 10 centimeters and pushing) and why I needed the induction in the first place was that Gianna was Sunny Side Up....OUCH....and I would NOT recommend anyone birthing a sunny side up baby WITHOUT drugs! I was so mentally scarred by that delivery I had my husband 'fixed'!!!!!!!!!! :) None the less, I am proud! I birthed three healthy happy babies without the use of any pain medication (even during stitches which did in fact suck).....and I just feel empowered by HOW THE BODY DOES WHAT IT'S SUPPOSED TO when you GIVE IT a CHANCE and allow yourself to overcome your feelings and fear! WOO!