Birth Story- VBAC!

We shared another birth story from this same mama a few weeks ago. There is something wonderful about a VBAC birth story, especially a 10 pound one! Enjoy- and recognize your body's amazing ability to birth babies. Happy reading!

This is the  birth story of my VBAC#2 with my third son. I had a successful unmedicated VBAC 2 years ago and when I fell pregnant at the start of the year there was no question that I would do it again.

I was 'due' Friday 15th Oct and it came and went, while I know they are a complete estimate I still had it circled on my calendar and was counting down the days, I was so big and tired and uncomfortable. My mum came to pick up my boys for the weekend so I could get some rest as it was going to happen soon.
I woke up on Sunday morning at 7.30 and rolled over and my waters broke! I was so excited!

My husband and I went to the hospital for a check as this was a VBAC and the midwives wanted to see me, just to make sure all is ok.
Almost straight away I started to have irregular contractions that didn't hurt, but I knew it was starting to happen. I spent all of Saturday in bed, I was so tired and i am so glad i got this rest! Nothing happened over night, I continued to leak and continued to have irregular contractions.

Monday morning we went back to hospital for another check as it had been 24 hrs since waters had broken, the midwives weren't concerned at all and said they wouldn't worry about it till they had been broken for more than 96 hours. Back home (hospital is very close to us) and back to bed, I slept for a few hours and contractions stopped. When I woke up at lunchtime and sat up in bed I had an almighty contraction and knew that things were really one their way now!!!

By 4.30pm we went to hospital, I manged the contractions at home by breathing, pacing and "oohing and aahing" (my husband said that's how he knew this was it, when the sounds started!!) Contractions were about 3 - 4mins apart and i was ushered into a nice big birth room where I could pace all I wanted!!!

For the next few hours I breathed and paced, chatted in between with my husband and the midwives, who very respectfully stopped talking while I was contracting. The room was dim and peaceful and going well. Not an OB to be seen :)
By the time I wanted to push the midwife did an examination and found that I was 5 - 6 cms dilated but very very soft. I immediately thought 'Oh great, this isn't happening as fast as my last birth", but the midwife said " what do you feel like doing?", I said "I want to push" and she said "you do whatever your body is telling you to do"
I pushed and 27 mins later at 11.47pm my beautiful BIG 10lb 6oz & 58cm long son came into the world. No drugs, no interference (small episiotomy as he was very big!)

He breastfed straight away and stayed with me from then on. We had hours of skin to skin and I was home in 36 hours :)

My last VBAC was wonderful and I never thought I could top that feeling, but this one has healed my soul. There were no doctors, the word "caeser' was never mentioned, or "ohh thats a big baby for her small body" I loved every second of it.

I am done having kids, my family of boys is complete and I am so glad that was strong enough to do this and experience birth purely for what it is.