Birth Story- A Proud VBAC Mama

I have lots of birth stories right now so instead of an interview I wanted to share one.  There is always something special about a successful  VBAC (Vaginal Birth After C-section) especially when they are so hard to come by these days.  One thing I love about this birth story is that the mom is supported by her midwives and her partner and it helps her get the birth she wants.  Our birth team and their support is so important as we make our birth choices.  


I would like to share my birth story about my second son.

With my first son, Jake, I had an 'elective' Caesar and I was quite devastated, I never even went in to labour. My first son was breech and 4.6kgs (10.14 pounds) so I had no choice really.

I always knew that any other children I had would be a VBAC, so when I fell pregnant with my second son I armed myself with information and went through a VBAC clinic.

I went into labour the afternoon before my due date, as I lay in bed having gentle contractions every 20 mins, I was so excited about what lay ahead! They gradually became closer together and by 9pm they were 5 - 7mins apart. I just went into a zone and looking back it is something that I did quite naturally and barely even acknowledged my husband (who was with me the whole time). By 11pm they were nearly 2 minutes apart and we left for the hospital, which was about 15 mins away.

The midwives (angels!) took me straight to the birth suite and I continued to labour. I paced and breathed through the contractions, I just had to keep moving, in between them I stood up against the bed and just tried to relax. Sometime around 1.30am, the midwives asked me if I wanted pain relief, epidural. Another contraction came and I never got around to answering them and they never asked again. I just didnt feel like I needed it, I was coping, it hurt A LOT but I was coping.

I started to push at around 3, maybe 3.30am and as this was a VBAC an OB had to be around to check on me. After I had been pushing for about an hour and coping quite well with the support from the midwives and my husband, the OB came in again and announced that I had been pushing for too long and I would need another caeser as this was going to be another big baby. I was in the 'do whatever you want' frame of mind by now, but my husband knew just how badly I wanted a succesful VBAC as did the midwives and they spoke up on my behalf. The midwives got another 1/2 hour out of her! They were so fantastic!

My healthy, big (4.2kgs) son, Noah, was born not 15 mins later, completely unmedicated to an extremely happy and proud mum!!!!

I just kept saying 'I did it! I did it!!' and the midwives just kept saying "You sure did sweetie!!!!!"

Apart from a little gas as they stitched me up (I had an episiotomy and some tearing), that was it. It was so great to be able to get up and have a shower and not have a catheter or fluids or anything else, just me and my son :)

I am now pregnant with my third (son !) and will be looking forward to the same experience again.