Santa Rosa CA Birth Classes

2013-14 Sonoma and Mendocino County Natural Birth Classes-

I love natural birth and would love to have you in my birth class! Class costs $325 for 10 weeks of awesome information!

Call me! 472-7071 and I will get back with you.
Read below for tons more information.

I teach in Ukiah and Santa Rosa. (My classes in Santa Rosa are done only with enough interest as I travel for them.) I can also refer you to another Birth Boot Camp teacher!

~Headlsburg Natural Birth Class (Sonoma County/ Santa Rosa Natural Birth Class)

(Here is a video of me talking about why I teach birth classes.)

Ukiah Natural Birth Class
Begins August 2014
Friday nights from 6-815
Healdsburg Birth Class (Just N of Santa Rosa)
Begins November 2014
Friday nights from 6-815

E-mail me (Sarah) at mamabirth09 (at) yahoo (dot) com
- I will give you my number so we can chat on the phone!
For more information, keep reading below.


I am teaching Birth Boot Camp natural birth classes. 

~The importance of natural birth~
~ Ways to prepare your body and mind so that you can have the birth you desire~
~Staying healthy and low risk~
~Choosing your birth attendant and place~
~Writing a birth plan~
~Achieving deep relaxation~
~Comforting a laboring woman~
~The stages of labor and accompanying physical and emotional signs~
~Common obstetric interventions~
~ Avoiding a c-section~
~Baby care and cloth diapering~

My name is Sarah Clark and I teach natural birth classes in Sonoma and Mendocino County.  I have had four children-- one in a hospital, one in a birth center and two at home, so hopefully my experience and knowledge will fit your needs wherever you choose to birth.
I am also on the Management Team for Birth Boot Camp Inc and have helped train about 50 natural childbirth instructors.  

I usually run my classes on Friday nights which I love.  It makes childbirth class feel like a date night!  Time together learning about one of life's most wonderful events- what could be better?  We have a great time in our classes and spend a lot of time working together and learning how you can get the natural birth you want.  In particular, I focus on teaching the birth partner how to help comfort mom during the labor process.

Here is what students have said about this class:

"-You have a gift of teaching touchy and difficult topics in an objective manner.  In the two classes we have done with you there were people who knew they were going to be induced or have medications or C sections and you taught the topics such that they were comfortable with the discussion..."

"-It was great to have a workbook with relevant and up to date medical information."

"- I really like how you set it up so each class we practice a different laboring position then we have a class where we rotate through them all.  This is a great exercise as it makes it real, in labor we will be moving from position to position." 

I teach natural childbirth classes, focusing on the mother/father partnership in both Healdsburg (Sonoma County- about 15 minutes north of Santa Rosa) and Ukiah (Mendocino County) California.

(I also offer refresher classes catered to your individual needs for those who have experienced a natural birth but would like to "refresh" their knowledge.  If you need a class and one has already begun, please contact me anyway.  I will try to work with you.)


E-mail me (Sarah) at mamabirth09 (at) yahoo (dot) com


I need 5 signed up couples to do the class and make it official.
I recommend all students read:

Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering by Sarah Buckley
Pushed by Jennifer Block
The Birth Book by Dr Sears
Ina May's Guide To Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding by LLLI

Please note:   I cannot offer refunds for classes for any reason.  Please commit only if you are committed. 


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