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Smoking Marijuana While Pregnant

Let me tell you a dirty story.

I met a woman years ago. She was in her fifties and we worked together. She had married a little later in life and her husband was older than her and had already had children. She had never had any children that were her "own". As I got to know her better I found that this was actually not a choice. She had never adopted because her husband hadn't wanted to as he already had children. But she had never had biological children for another reason.

As a teenager she had cancer cells in her female parts. Very young, long before she ever married she had to have her uterus removed, and along with it any chance of becoming pregnant or giving birth.

I found that when she was still quite young she had received a cash settlement for what had happened to her. This was something she was born with, but not something she had to be born with.

Her mother had been given an anti- miscarriage drug when she was pregnant with her, and many years down the road, doctors had found that, though the babies appeared fine and healthy, as the female children reached adulthood they had a much higher chance of some female cancers. The drug was called Diethylstilbestrol or DES and you can read about it here.

She told me that the cash settlement was small comfort, that she would have much preferred to have had children. It was obvious that this was defining part of her life.

Drugs While Pregnant-

Now you might be wondering what the heck this has to do with smoking marijuana while you are pregnant. The answer is, simply, a lot.

I should probably start off by admitting my bias here- I avoid all drugs at all times of my life pregnant or not. There are many reasons for this. I teach natural birth classes and encourage pregnant women NOT to smoke anything while pregnant.  One of the reasons I avoid drugs while pregnant is that I buy into the idea that Dr Bradley espoused that NO drugs are proven safe for the unborn fetus. When it comes to the health of our children, it is better to be safe than sorry.)

So what does DES in pregnancy have to do with marijuana in pregnancy?

DES was a drug (and for the record, not the only one) prescribed for pregnant women. It was considered safe. Babies were born and they appeared healthy. They were perfectly smart, alert, happy and normal.

There were however distinct side effects. They were just invisible for many many years. I would contend that this is not the only drug (prescribed or not, organic or in pill form) that a pregnant woman can take and still appear to have a healthy baby.
You also might be wondering why the heck I would bother in a million years writing about this. Doesn't everybody know that you shouldn't do drugs while you are pregnant?

The answer to the second question is a resounding NO. I live in an area of the country where marijuana is a huge part of the economy. It is also often grown organically and there are many people out there not only saying that it is safe but that it is in fact GOOD for you. And, as it turns out, you can find plenty of stuff online (thank you Internet) that supports the idea that marijuana is perfectly safe to use even while you are pregnant.

Marijuana is a Drug-

It is actually easy to find information supporting the idea that marijuana is good for you. I would say that it is in fact a drug, and that is why you feel different when you use it. The pictures above are of two brains. They are SPECT scans, on the left of a normal healthy brain, and on the right, a brain of somebody who uses marijuana.

There is an obvious difference in brain function, is there not?

Yes you can get marijuana that is organic. Yes, it may appear to do positive things for your health (though I would make the case that it is not however healing you, it is simply not allowing the brain to communicate well enough with the body for you to receive pain signals, just like any other pain killer does). But, whatever the positive aspects of marijuana, it most definitely influences brain function.

But What About the Baby?-

What about the baby? I honestly do not know that marijuana harms the baby of the mother who is smoking it. You can go to online forums and find many mothers touting the benefits they received while pregnant to smoking marijuana (better appetite, decreased nausea, less stress).

I would adamantly contend though that your baby is not worth even a hypothetical risk. There is no doubt that marijuana crosses to the brain of the person using it. That is why you feel "high" or why your pain is gone. It is not healing you of anything, it is limiting brain communication with the body.

It Is Not All About Mama-

I love natural birth and you will hear me and many other natural birth fanatics touting the benefits of natural birth for the mother. We talk about lower c-section rates and the birth high and faster recovery.

We talk about the benefits to the mother so often in fact that sometimes I wonder if we forget about the baby.

Natural, un-drugged pregnancy and birth is not just about the mother and her "choices" though. It is very important to me that women be allowed to choose what is best for them and their babies and not be forced into anything. But if we get too obsessed with the mothers needs we forget about a very important player, and that is the baby.

We as mothers must choose what is best for our babies. Motherhood does not begin at the birth, it begins as soon as we get pregnant. Weather that pregnancy is planned or not, it matters not.

As soon as we have that baby inside of us it is time to start making choices for somebody else besides yourself, and choosing them first.

In part this means giving up things that we like if they are not good for the baby. It also means giving up things just in case they are bad for the baby.

Doctors; trained, educated, physicians wrote prescriptions for DES specifically for pregnant women literally for YEARS. They thought it was safe. They were wrong. They were so wrong that it influenced the lives of thousands of women in a way that wouldn't be manifest for years and years after their births.

I don't care if you can find studies saying that smoking marijuana is safe for your baby. Your baby is not worth the risk. Studies change year after year. Medicine and what is "true" within it changes quickly. Culture accepts something as normal and then 20 years later considers it offensive.

One thing that is true forever is that mothers must choose what is best for their children and be willing to sacrifice to give it to them. Another truth is that we must not take chances with our babies. No drug is proven safe for the unborn child. NONE.


(If you suffer extensively from nausea due to pregnancy, please look here for dietary tips that can help remedy many pregnancy symptoms. Remember also that bodily discomforts are your bodies way of trying desperately to tell you something, they are not trying to punish you unnecessarily.)

If you would like to see the follow up to this post you can click here.

(The Jamaican study is often given as proof that smoking weed while pregnant is safe.  I don't believe that this study proves that at all.  It was a very small study and cultural factors probably weighed heavier in their findings than marijuana use.   I cover the Jamaican study about marijuana in pregnancy here.)  


Anonymous said...

I know a few moms who smoked marijuana while pregnant and all of them had small babies. One of them I saw immediately after birth, and he was shaking from withdrawals. It was so sad!

Anonymous said...

Wow, "anonymous" it's amazing that your "friend's" baby suffered withdrawals from marijuana, a substance that is not physiologically addicitve and therefore does not have any withdrawal symptoms.

I would hope that Mamabirth would stay with facts rather than unproven anecdotes from anonymous anecdotes.

MomAgain@40 said...

Very scary!
Same with smoking and alcohol. Can't stand to see pregant moms doing it!

mamapoekie said...

Very strange that I happen to read this here today.
I wrote this a while back and just had a conversation with the mother who sent me that email about the topic.

I think that recreational use should by all means be avoided, as should alcohol or any other form of drugs that can be avoided.

But when you have a chronic condition? Also, marihuana is prescribed for mothers who suffer from HG. I think it's better to smoke weed (or preferably eat it) and get some nutrients in your system when pregnant then to almost die from it and be on an IV half the time...

And then you have to see the way it is consumed.

One commenter talked about the low birthweight, but that is generally due to the nicotine, because most users smoke it mixed with tobacco.

I won't get the updates here, do if you want to go into this, I am very interested, email me mamapoekie at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

Mama Birth, I love your blog. I read it often, and you write about some really great stuff. And I don't want to be nitpicky. But can I tell you something? Affect: verb. Effect: noun.

As in: The effects of this drug are not yet known. Vs. This drug affects your nervous system.

Okay, now that that's out of my system, thanks for this post. I will share it with a friend who smokes while pregnant to help with her nausea. I would be curious to see how marijuana stacked up against zofran, which is often prescribed for excessive nausea?

Heather J to the ames said...

While I wholeheartedly agree with you about the no-drug thing and marijuana is a drug... it's a drug that actually quite a few homebirthing, crunchy mommas do, it's still a drug and despite what anyone says, you cannot tell me it doesn't have an effect on mom and babe. With that said however, I was right on board with your post until you got to the "we have to think about the baby part and the way we do things, we can't be thinking just about the mother's needs blah blah blah". That's all well and fine except you're starting to sound like mainstream America who touts hospital birth and routine interventions as being best for baby and if mom doesn't want all that, she's only thinking about herself and not her babe. See what I mean?

mamaloo said...

Every single thing ingested produces changes in body chemistry and function, so pointing out marijuana use as a drug is misleading. Bread is a drug by the same token. So are Brazil nuts. But we don't fear monger by telling women that eating a slice of bread will cause an insulin reaction and create a gut bacteria imbalance that will impair mood and mental acuity. We don't warn against increasing testosterone via eating Brazil nuts as something that might not be optimal for growing fetuses...

Again, as with everything, moderation is key. And key to providing quality informed care is not treating women like mindless vessels or imbecilic children.

Julie Anita said...

Here's an interesting study done by developmental specialist Kevin Nugent, who was looking at comparisons between infants who were exposed to marijuana prenatally and those who were not, all in Jamaica. The cultural context of smoking pot in Jamaica, by the way, is a very different from smoking pot in the US-- in the US, if you're smoking pot while pregnant (where it is considered so, so, SO forbidden and terrible), you're probably also doing other things that would be considered dangerous-- maybe drinking alcohol, maybe not getting/doing prenatal care, maybe not eating healthy or sleeping well, etc.

Anyways, I think you'd find the results of the Jamaican study surprising, so I encourage you and your readers to check it out:

I don't know this website, but I read the article itself back in graduate school in a physical published journal, and it's the same study. Kevin Nugent is a highly respected authority and actually a friend of one of my professors, so I consider him a credible source for research.

I'm not recommending someone take up smoking pot while pregnant, here. I'm just making a case for research over assumptions, illuminating the importance of the cultural context, and urging people to take notice of the effect of multi-risk scenarios and their effect on children's health and well-being rather than pinning it all on one source.

Becky and the Boys said...

I was friends with a severely disabled girl growing up whose mother had smoked marijuana when pregnant with her. She has cerebral palsy and is nearly blind, and now lives in an adult group home and works sorting recyclables. Hardly fair when she could have been born completely normal if her mother had cared enough when pregnant with her.

Melanie said...

Great article! NO drug is free of side effects. Even if you are legally approved to ingest it, don't smoke it (lungs don't need that), and consider that you might not know the long term effects of your actions. It is difficult for any study to really narrow down the effects of anything long term as there are so many other factors that compromise the data. IMO, it's like experimenting on your baby.

mommyto6 said...

Wow, there seems to be a lot of disgruntled moms here about this post. Maybe this hit a little close to home? I can't imagine anyone not agreeing with this post, but maybe that's because, like Mama, I never take anything while pregnant.

And to Heather J, who said:
*With that said however, I was right on board with your post until you got to the "we have to think about the baby part and the way we do things, we can't be thinking just about the mother's needs blah blah blah". That's all well and fine except you're starting to sound like mainstream America who touts hospital birth and routine interventions as being best for baby and if mom doesn't want all that, she's only thinking about herself and not her babe.*

All I can say is WHAT???? I have had four homebirths, fight for choices in pregnancy and birth all the time as a doula, and would love to be a homebirth midwife one day--but are you kidding me? I don't think you can equate Mama Birth's post to sounding like mainstream America. What they are promoting is actually detrimental with all of it's interventions. Surely it's not detrimental to NOT smoke marijuana. And for the record, we DO have to think about the baby. Yes, we have choices as moms, but once we are carrying another life inside of us, we are just as responsible for making good choices for that life as well. It's all about sacrifice.

Also, Mama, the effects of marijuana during breastfeeding. I had a doula client once who asked me about starting to smoke it again after she gave birth, while breastfeeding. I researched it, and it turns out that it stays in the breastmilk for up to a month! If it makes mom feel so out of it, is that what we really want our babies feeling like as well?

Heather J to the ames said...

Mommyto6: I stand by my posting. How many times have you read or heard an OB or someone all for the allopathic version of birth in our country say that homebirth and a mother getting the birth she wants as selfish? I've heard it and read it enough to make my eyes and ears bleed. That the woman is only thinking about herself for wanting a birth such as that. I think marijuana is a drug but I don't think it's like alcohol or cigarettes. There are different classes of drug and part of it's problem is the way it's thought about here in our country. Anyway... my point is, yes, it's a good idea to think about the baby, and in fact, most women who want to have a labor the way that they want it, are not doing so because they are selfish, but because they know that if they are happy and well cared for and free of drugs and interventions, their babes are doing well because of it also. That's what I'm getting at: you can't make it sound like she's so damn selfish and only thinking about her needs when she smokes marijuana.

Diana J. said...

MamaBirth, I almost never disagree with you.... but on this one I'm a bit iffy. You see, I am a mother who develops hyperemesis gravidarum when pregnant. That's the unstoppable, excruciating around-the-clock nausea and vomiting that causes severe weight loss, incapacitation, despair, and severe health effects on both the mother and child. Left unchecked, it can cause miscarriage, and in severe cases, kill the mother as well. After experiencing it with #1, I drastically improved my diet and developed a protocol of herbal medicine to try with #2. None of it worked. It came back even sooner and even stronger (I had to start taking anti-nausea meds, Zofran and Unisom, at 3w5d, before I could even get a positive pregnancy test). Many women, driven to utter desperation by this condition, have unwillingly aborted loved and wanted babies due to the suffering caused by this illness. And, as you know, there is good evidence that medical marijuana really helps with this condition. With hyperemesis, drugs have to be used - especially in the severe cases - or the mother and baby are both at risk of death. Most HG mothers end up on a cocktail of drugs - Zofran, Phenergan, Reglan, Unisom, plus multiple others. While marijuana is a drug, I would consider it as potentially safer than any of the others, and I would much rather that it be available to HG mothers. Medical marijuana was just legalized in my state, and I am very happy that it is now a legal option. I agree that drugs should not be used during pregnancy, but there are exceptions. I highly recommend the book "Beyond Morning Sickness: Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum" as well as the website:

to understand this condition.

And, as I said before, I love your blog and agree with 99% of what you write! So please keep up the awesome work, and forgive my one bit of criticism!! :)

Rebecca said...

I don't understand why so many people are arguing about this point. She's just saying that we shouldn't put our babies at risk because we thin something may be safe... when my mom was pregnant with me smoking cigarettes was considered safe and now I get to deal with breathing problems my whole life. Don't put things in your body that you know could be dangerous. and for the people saying its natural, I don't understand how smoking anything is natural. How did someone decide oh lets light this on fire and inhale it!?

Mama Birth said...


Thanks for the feedback ladies.

Yes, I know I have trouble with affect and effect!

Yes I am aware of the use in Jamaica and well aware of the acceptance of the use of marijuana among mothers and the idea that it is safe.

I admit that I don't have proof that it is harmful.

I also say that we are better safe than sorry and I do not think that discouraging drug use (a drug that obviously shows signs in the individual of being "high") in the pregnant mom is ever a bad thing.

How many drugs have been deemed safe for the unborn child? How many have been encouraged and prescribed, not just by doctors but encouraged from mother to mother?

When will we learn than there is no such thing as proving them safe? How many babies need to be hurt? How many?

Not being able to prove something unsafe it NOT the same as proving it safe. It simply is not.

I have no idea how it stacks up against Zofran. Frankly the use of any drug while pregnant makes me nervous. I realize that there is a risk benefit ratio, but it MUST be used carefully.

"I feel sick, I will smoke some weed" is simply not a good enough reason for me. All natural and lifestyle considerations must be made first before resorting to any kind of drug.

We are all free to do what we wish. This is my opinion. I actually think that the story I used makes a good point.

If you don't like it- sorry. But that is what I think. Feel free to encourage marijuana use among mothers if you like. I refuse to do that. I will never feel comfortable with that.

Never forget about the influence of MONEY in medicine and ALL aspects of life. If you don't believe that money is influencing this subject, I think you are sadly mistaken. NOBODY will make money off of women NOT smoking weed,but many will make money off of its use.

Mary Siever said...

Yes, she is right, no drug is proven safe. And what a load of crap that marijuana isn't 'addictive', I have family and friends who would laugh at that idea. I laugh at that idea seeing brothers who couldn't give it up.

Marijuana is a drug. That's it. We have a responsibility to do the best of our knowledge and that sure does begin at conception or I would even venture to say BEFORE.

But pregnancy is about baby and when we as mothers truly nurture ourselves and do what is best for baby we are doing what is best for us. I don't care what mainstream medical says because I ignore them pretty much anyway. I stay away from hospitals and doctors in birth and pregnancy and I extend that to be drugs too.

This post needed to be written. Good for you stepping up to do it!

Shannon said...

Guessing all the disgruntled moms on here are just trying to justify their "need" to get high? It's a drug people! It is illegal for a reason.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the other commenters who discuss moms with medical issues who would otherwise need pharmaceutical drugs for their problem, especially HG moms. It seems intuitive that a natural plant would be safter than man made chemicals. I am not suggesting that all women should be using marijuana during pregnancy. However, for those who have a true medical problem whose choice is a plant or chemicals, it seems like marijuana would be the safer choice in that situation. I feel that way about pharmaceuticals in general. If there is a plant or natural substance to treat a problem I feel that is safer than taking some chemical compound made in a lab.

My issue with this post is that it made a black and white issue out of something that has shades of gray. I agree that any drug use during pregnancy is unsafe. Unfortunately, there are some people with medical issues whose choice is to use drugs (pharmaceuticals or otherwise) or to risk their health and the health of their baby (and possibly even risking their lives). Those moms face a very tough choice. It is easy for someone who doesn't have these issues to say drugs are unsafe never use them in pregnancy, but for some people they don't have a choice if they want a child.

Anonymous said...

I personally live in an environment where I know a few people that smoke weed, and I have myself done so too, in fact I have smoked during pregnancy (although i did not know I was at the tI'me) I think that despite lack of study for those experiencing extreme nausea during pregnancy it can help, but I think that regular use causes SPD, and other Autistic like symptoms, I have some friends who have smoked it regularly during pregnancy.. and they had beautiful healthy (weight too) babies but as the child gets older they have started displaying some symptoms of learning difficulties, difficulty concentrating, Like I said before SPD (sensory Processing Disorder) symptoms, and I think that it has a lot to do with the drug use during pregnancy, I think that like all things moderation should be used, I don't drink during pregnancy because I'm worried about the effects it would have on my baby and I think that it should be the same with Marijuana use. although it *not harmful* in once in a while use.... you just shouldn't do it at all while pregnant oh on a side note..... it is also excreted in breast milk... as it builds up in the body fat of people who smoke it....

Anonymous said...

@Shannon, I find your post very ignorant and disrespectful and I would thank you not to make such attacks in the future.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me marajuana isn't addictive! When I was a teenager, my mom was so addicted she prostituted me and herself to pay the rent and feed her habit. A friend of ours was so addicted That her 2 year old lost his arm to an accident with a dog because she was too stoned to watch him---and she KEPT on smoking it!!! I've also seen--eyewitnessed an adult having DTs from withdrawal from marajuana.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is very true. But sometimes the risk does need to taken. I was on heparin for a massive blood clot. Without my heparin, the chances of it being thrown and causing even more serious harm such as a pulmonary embolism were *very* high. I didn't like that I was using drugs while pregnant.... but it kept both me and baby safer. It could have killed the both of us. I'm glad you had the luxury to not have to take any drugs during your pregnancy. Unfortunately, that isn't possible for all of us.

Sometimes, mommies need drugs for very legitimate reasons. Medical issues, severe depression, etc. Maybe one of her safer options in marijuana (provided that it is done legally).

But, you are right and I agree with you that mommy does not need illegal street drugs for her own entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is pretty amazing. I appreciate the fact that she never says that it's been proven unsafe, but some of these comments are absolutely ridiculous. First of all, the baby that was shaking from withdrawal, there was definitely another drug involved that the mother simply did not tell you about. Marijuana has existed since plants existed on this earth and has been used for medical purposes since people could make medicine out of plants. China was using it as medicine in the BC years. I would guess that's ample time for any horrible side effects or risks to be assessed.
To the post about the mom who's two year old lost an arm and she was prostituted......I say this. Either you're straight lying about this or you didn't know that it was PCP. Weed laced with and/or dipped in hallucinogens or other drugs and yes people know that's what they're ordering from their source. I've been around people who smoke all my life and they smoke heavily. I've never seen or heard of anyone being that high off of just weed. It's just not possible.
The other comment about the baby being born with cerebral palsy...I would really like to know how this drug being used during pregnancy, the same drug given to shrink cataracts and help glaucoma patients, is responsible for blindness. My old pastor's son was born blind and his wife would have never touched a drug or even alcohol under any circumstance pregnant or not. I guarantee that marijuana/weed did not have anything to do with that and it was just an unfortunate situation. If you do your research you will find that marijuana has been "prescribed" for pregnant women for everything from HG to labor pains for thousands of years. Hate to break it to you all who are like "it's illegal for a reason" but that reason is racism against the Mexican immigrants in the 1900's and William Hurst's fear of hemp products interfering with his profits. He was a rich man and easily bought the government. Don't take my word for it, look it up on your own.

Anonymous said...

You can try to back your defense of getting high while you are pregnant all you want, but it is still such an irresponsible choice. You feel sick? So what! Suck it up. You're creating a life for cripes sake!

Lacey Jane said...

I agree whole heartedly with the Anon comment not directly above mine but the one above that.

I will just add that saying it is illegal for a reason is ridiculous to say especially among natural birth advocates. How many ridiculous rules are there in the hospital for monetary and convenience reasons?

Alcohol is legal. How many stories do we hear of people getting drunk and beating up their wives? There are quite a few.

How about smoking a joint and doing the same thing? Not one. Just saying.

I enjoyed this post because no one writes about marijuana. Even though I may not agree fully with what you're saying, it's nice to have your thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

to the last 'anon' poster... so should I have 'sucked it up' with my excruciating morning sickness when they prescribed me some anti nasuea pill? Or was it ok because it was 'fda' approved. Or perhaps my bi-polar disorder... is it ok for me to take the perscription meds (fyi, most of them have been PROVEN to not be good in pregnancy).

I do agree that recreational use during pregnancy should be avoided... however I am going to guess ya'll don't know too many medically smoking mamas (or at least don't KNOW THAT YOU KNOW), or you'd know that most mama's who actually use it for medicinal reasons do cut out their 'extra' recreational use while pregnant.

I just wish ya'll could see how this whole discussion could easily be replaced with a few different words & be the 'home/natural birth vs hospital & interventions' debate. The one side is politely saying, 'hey, we get that you don't understand it, but we do. We have done our research & weighed the risks & benefits & made an educated choice' & they are being told they don't care about their kids & couldn't be making too educated of a choice if they could possibly 'choose' that option. And ya'll are openly admitting that you haven't 'researched' it & are going based off of 'he said, she said' anecdotal information, & media hype. And we all know the media never lies or exagerates & ALWAYS gives reliable information; how else would all us mamas learn that marijuana is evil & we all need epidurals, pitocin & c/s.

Anonymous said...

I haven't read ALL the comments, but here is what I think....

It is a drug. It is not addictive, but the high and the habit are. It really isn't illegal for any reason other than the study that the government did, was it in the 60s? Anyway, we have all heard that smoking pot kills brain cells right? That study has been proven to be flawed and not a good judge of the drug or its effects. I do believe it should be legal for a number of reasons. I don't think its dangerous to use recreationally either. I know plenty of people who have successful careers and are contributing members to our society and good people to use it regularly.

HOWEVER, I do not smoke it not pregnant, and I damn sure wont do it while pregnant. Medical necessity aside, there is no reason to get high during pregnancy. Your nauseous? Ok...and? It MAY be safe for baby, but it MAY not be. Why risk it?

Ali G said...

re brain function, and the pictures shown: EVERYTHING affects our brain function - sex, drugs, music, laughter, depression, stress, food, affection, fear and the list goes on to infinity.
So how can you say this has a negative affect? Are you a brain function specialist? How long does the affect last on the brain?
I found this blog to be totally based on opinion, not on fact.
Having a lobotomy permanently alters brain function, and in a very negative way. I cant help but think you somehow draw a parallel.
Way too alarmist.

andrea said...

There are many alternatives to smoking Marijuana these days, such as tinctures. I would have to say that if you use herbs during pregnancy that you are in the same boat with people who use Marijuana. It is an herbal remedy. However the propaganda surrounding it is deeply political. I do agree that it is best to be cautious during pregnancy about what we put into our bodies and our babies! Let us just not be hypocrites or brainwashed by political agendas! Keep an open mind.

Anonymous said...

The defensiveness of some of you posting here is completely laughable.
You say it's not addictive, but refusing to stop putting something in your body with the potential to negatively harm your baby = addiction.

Anonymous said...

to the last poster: Seriously? So then I guess the woman who 'refuses' to go through natural labor is addicted to the epi. And the woman who refuses the epi is addicted to the contractions? That's the logic you are using. It would seem to me that they aren't 'refusing' to do something that could hurt the baby. They are 'refusing' to change their views based on opinions of others that totally ignore the research that has been done on the topic. Cause addiction would mean that my week long trip to Canada would have meant sneaking some across the border... however, instead of putting my family at risk through customs I went a whole week without even one hit. Care to guess how much it 'hurt' me to go without. None. Granted, IBS was giving me issues that week & I was only able to eat very bland foods as a precaution & I had to be very mindful of my mental state (it is a great treatment for bi-polar disorders) but there were no withdrawls, no 'cravings'... and when we didn't get home till about 1 AM the day we returned, well, it was the next night before I even thought about it. So yeah, I guess I must be an addict

Emma said...

"Care to guess how much it 'hurt' me to go without. None."

Ok then, you should be able to hang for 9 months until your baby is born.

Anonymous said...

I have been in all three situations: my mother smoked w/me, I smoked for a few months w/my oldest, and didn't have time w/my youngest. Guess what? The oldest is better behaved and highly intelligent. In first grade, they should be btwn 40 & 50 for reading lvl, he is a 90. My youngest on the other hand, will not shut up and refuses to learn how to read. it is a fight everyday. Is pot addictive? NO. what makes it addictive is the will of the person. I have not smoked for going on 7y now, and not once have i thought about taking it back up. so in all honestly, you can spout positive or you can spout negative, end point is this: EVERYTHING you do will affect the child, good and bad. reproductive cancer runs on my moms line, and guess what? her mother never touched pot. most of my aunts have reproductive issues, one died. I have had one major issue, and that was when I was 17. my gyno brought me in every other wk b/c we had to make sure nothing was elevated or aggravated. I smoked when I did b/c I was working 40 hrs a wk, even @38 wks pregnant. I was not smoking after 30wks, b/c of drug testing, but it did help me sleep, it kept me calm and sane while I was in abusive relationship and he had gotten another girl pregnant. I am 30 yrs old now, they are 6 & 7, and we are all still perfectly fine. I AM NOT ADDICTED TO POT, AND I DIDN'T KNOW IT WAS ILLEGAL FOR ALMOST 12Y B/C OF HOW OFTEN IT WAS IN MY LIFE. The main thing that makes any drug addictive is the will and backbone of the person in the first place, not the drug itself (except in extreme cases of some drugs, I will concede that), not to mention media hype. its not that ppl cant get off it, its they dont want to b/c reality sucks and they are too weak to deal w/it. I had an epidural w/my oldest and a natural birth in the hospital w/my youngest, so i have traveled two of the myriad of possibilities. I may consider a home birth for my next one, I have no idea yet we are still in the discussion for that.

Anonymous said...

"Ok then, you should be able to hang for 9 months until your baby is born"

Because there is no difference between staying off a medication for one week vs 9 mo, right? (should I also note here, that if I went 'on & off' of perscription anti depressants the way I can my "non perscription" remedy that it would totally screw up my system & probably put me back into a suicidal depression. But a doctor signed the script, so it's ok to want to take it)

It is snarky, rude, judgemental comments like this, ones that imply (and others that outright state) that b/c of this one choice I must be a bad mother who only cares about herself & not her baby, that have people getting pissed off over this post & discussion. Because just like with our homebirths, those of us who use pot are doing it simply b/c all we care about is ourselves & we haven't bothered to give a crap about the sweet little baby we are growing inside. *eyeroll*

Ya'll keep backpeddling & saying 'well, you can make your own choices & as long as you are comfortable with it'. Well my issues with this whole thing have nothing to do with weather or not I am confident in the choices I made. I detest people making blanket statements that mom's who do xyz are bad mom's. And that is exactly the kind of statements that are being made. 'If you feel confident with your choice, great, just don't get upset when baby gets hurt, blah blah blah' All the EXACT same things that the anti homebirth community says about the pro homebirth community. So seriously, don't tell other moms they are bad moms & then try to say they are only mad b/c you are 'calling them out on something'. No, they are mad b/c you dare to sit there & get upset when others judge you & call you a bad mom for your choices, but then turn around and do the exact thing to others who don't agree with you.

Marcia said...

Marijuana smokers will always fool themselves into thinking pot is harmless, because their mind is so altered that it refuses to admit that it is possible to be harmed by so many alien substances entering the body. This is especially the cases with the brain (which has higher fat content and thus absorbs more of the toxins than muscle parts of the body).
Those who take toxins into their body are affected, and if they are carrying a child, that baby will eventually be affected, even if it's not immediately obvious. I never took anything back in 1969, and just changed my diet so not to be sick. The other moms ate whatever they wanted and took thalidomide. Their babies were born missing arms and legs. I'm so glad I refrained from my doctor's advice :)

CrunchyHeart said...'ve got to be kidding me. I am one of the crunchiest mamas around, and have studied not only drugs, but herbs extensively. Unfortunately no matter how many thousands of years some plants have been around, and how many ways they have been used, some DO have negative effects, some ARE harmful. In the world we live in, of course there will never be conclusive evidence of much of anything. People will never be able to agree.... But I can say, as someone who has taken street drugs, smoked marijuana, used herbs, and even experienced withdrawl from certain herbs, plants, and caffeine (HELLO!! another plant...) AND as someone who completely respects and is in awe of the miracle of life...Why would you do it? If we can't even as humans agree on results of man made studies, how can we claim to know the effects of ANYTHING on a fetus? The whole incredible process of life is still not even remotely understood by anyone but God (and I use that term lightly...) so if something is so strong that it alters your sensations, there has to be some common sense inside you that knows that it is not good for a baby that is perfectly developing on its own. There are many other plants, herbs, and products from plants that have been proven to be detrimental to a developing mind, or even just speculated to be why would this be any different, and why would you risk your poor child's future mental health (and possibly physical health) if you don't have to? No one really knows the answers, and sometimes the answers can not be recorded concretely.....only known and felt much later in your heart.

CrunchyHeart said...

But it's not hypocritical at all. Let the baby develop without intervention, let the baby be born without intervention. It is all about trusting life to something greater and much smarter than us, and not messing with it-whether with "natural" chemicals, man-made chemicals, animal products, medical instruments, man-made timelines, even loving midwives' hands....


enlightenment said...

look to those of you who have no insight on marijuana whatsoever (the one's saying it is bad for you and baby) It has been scientifically proven that not only is it good for babies in the embryo state but it is also good for you period. It actually restores and repairs brain cells rather than damaging them. So to the people who are foolish enough to let your government brainwash you, go ahead. More pot for us, losers. Most of you anti-pot people (it's a shame that I have to even acknowledge you as human) are probably hardcore bible thumpers, nothing against the good book, but what bush do you think Moses was burning? And you idiots who claim to be christian did you even read the bible, they all smoked weed! Did you skip the very first page where it says God gave to man every seed-bearing plant? I love hypocrisy because it shows peoples' true colors. Studies show that Jamaican babies are healthier smarter and stronger than american babies and the mothers smoke ganja during the full term of pregnancy. There's so much bad research on marijuana because the oil industry, big tobacco, and the medical field would be completely wiped out if it was legal. All three of those are only the top business groups that would lose $ but they pay the government the most so it would in turn hurt the government if they were to oppose it while it was legal. but if they incorporated it we would be out of debt within at the most 10-20 years. Most of you ignorant, brainwashed, numskulls don't even realize you could run a car off of marijuana, that's right, the hemp could be used as oil and we wouldn't have to go killing all the brown people in other countries so we could steal their oil. Face it, Marijuana could save the world, if only there weren't so many ignorant people that have to pretend they're so much smarter than everyone else. At one point in time it was actually illegal NOT to grow pot in America. Yes, we harvested it, and the citizens of the US of A absolutely HAD to grow it, it was the law. What changed that? Racism, there's a history lesson for ya now go read a book!

Crunchy_Conservative said...

The replies to the few brave women who have shared their stories are unbelievable and unbelievably hurtful.

"'I feel sick, I will smoke some weed' is simply not a good enough reason for me."
"You feel sick? So what! Suck it up. You're creating a life for cripes sake!"
"Your nauseous? Ok...and?"
"I never took anything back in 1969, and just changed my diet so not to be sick."

Every one of these casual and self-righteous statements is like a slap in the face. None of you know me, or any of the other moms who have suffered through hyperemetic pregnancies. You don't know anything about how much time and money my family has spent trying to achieve a drug-free pregnancy. You don't know about the tears, the unrelenting physical misery, or the times I threw up until nothing but bile and blood came up. You have no idea how many times I wished that I would just die, so I didn’t have to throw up one more time.

I suffered through three pregnancies with hyperemesis gravidarium. I vomited every half hour, round the clock. Referring to a nutrition post only highlights the kind of misunderstanding and ignorance that mothers with HG face. You cannot eat well with HG. I couldn't eat at all, or drink, or sleep. You cannot avoid triggers. You don’t get relief from crackers, protein, small meals, ginger or Preggie Pops. You cannot prevent HG by changing your diet before pregnancy. In fact, doctors have no idea what causes HG, and very little to offer for relieving it. With my first pregnancy, my doctor and I ran through a list of prescriptions. By the time I started on Zofran, I was 12 weeks pregnant, had already lost 15 pounds, and had 4 hours to stop vomiting before being admitted to the hospital. Thankfully, the Zofran was enough to keep me out of the hospital. I was lucky - for some HG sufferers, it is literally a case of trying to keep both mom and baby alive long enough for the mother to safely deliver her child.

I am not saying that marijuana is the answer. I am not trying to justify anything I have done - I never smoked pot during any of my pregnancies. However, when you consider using any drugs during pregnancy, you look at the risk/benefit analysis for your situation. Not everyone has the luxury of a drug-free pregnancy. Some of us have to face the frightening fact that if we don’t do something, if we don’t risk potential side effects, we face the immediate and real possibility of losing our baby or our own life. For mothers who find themselves in this unusual situation, I would strongly recommend visiting I was very grateful for their understanding and support during my pregnancies.

For those of you who were able to “ride it out” or “change my diet,” let me just tell you how lucky you are. You aren’t a better mother. You aren’t made of higher moral stuff. You aren't tough. You are just really, really lucky that you never had to deal with this situation. You are lucky that you have no idea what you are talking about. Obviously there are thoughtless mothers who see drugs as recreation, but don't be so quick to tar all mothers with that brush. Some of us would kill for the chance to have a drug-free pregnancy, but we don’t get that option. For us, the question is not “Should I take drugs?” but rather “What is the safest drug I can take to keep myself and my baby alive?" Please take a moment and consider extending a little compassion.

(And by the way, marijuana is not necessarily an illegal drug. Several states - 16, plus Washington DC, according to an article I found online - have laws that legalize medial marijuana in certain cases.)

Crunchy_Conservative said...

Some might say “Why can’t you use legal pharmaceuticals?" (in the states where marijuana is illegal, which is not all of them) "Why not see a naturopath, a dietician, an acupuncturist, an herbalist?” Shall we start talking about the costs of some of these interventions?

When I took Zofran 7 years ago, it cost $25 a pill; my then-excellent insurance would cover 30 pills with a $30 copay. I was supposed to take a pill every 3 hours, but I could only afford one pill a day. It was enough to reduce the vomiting to “only” 3-4 times a day, but I never had relief from the constant nausea. I lived on the verge of throwing up every moment until my daughter was born, because I couldn’t afford to take the pills as prescribed. Still, I was lucky to have prescription coverage. Without it, one month's worth of minimal pills would have cost me $750.

With the next two pregnancies, I was able to avoid pharmaceutical with acupuncture. Everything came out of pocket. I spent nearly $1700 on acupuncture for each of those two pregnancies. Again, I was able to afford enough treatment to control the vomiting, but not enough to end it or to cure the constant nausea. I threw up multiple times a day, every day, until the day each of my babies were born. Our naturopath charges $180 for two visits. I don't know what dieticians charge, but they are also expensive and not covered by most insurance.

Thankfully, as long as I stayed current on my care, I was able to stay out of the hospital. I was lucky - many HG mothers face multiple hospital admissions. When the baby is finally delivered, families face enormous bills for pharmaceuticals, IVs, and months spent in a hospital bed. That doesn’t even take into account the financial burdens for working mothers who (at best) lose wages from missed work, or (at worst) lose their job altogether.

Of course we would all do anything for our babies. We would pay anything we could to keep them healthy. However, many families simply don’t have the financial means to pay for these treatments. If my parents hadn’t helped pay for my acupuncture with our second baby, I would have been back on Zofran, with all its potential side effects. For families without health insurance, medical treatment could be completely out of reach. I don’t know how much a bag of marijuana costs, but I can only imagine that it’s a far cry from the costs of pharmaceuticals or more natural care.

Again, please remember that in these situations, it is not a matter of "Should I take drugs?" but rather of "Which drug do I have to take to get through this with the least amount of damage?"

Jennerific said...
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happy.mama said...

I'm late, I know. I read your insult blog and had to find the skinny on this post. I love Anonymous. The one who kept coming back and making valid arguments. I also love Crunchy for being a non-smoking truth-teller. That is all :)

Maybe not. I smoke when I'm not pregnant to ease my anxiety, help me focus, respond vs react... Just a little, nothing near my pothead friends.. Just a little bowl around 11am (naptime). However, I agree with paying attention to what you ingest during pregnancy. I am no poster child: I drink coffee, I have an occasional glass or red wine when I can enjoy the taste, eat lunch meat on my sandwiches... Etc. My husband hates the marijuana, however he is crazy hypocritical as he will partake in anything else where I will not. He's avidly against me smoking pot during pregnancy and that's fine. But the kicker is, if I was smoking cigarettes and drinking regularly, he'd be okay with that!!! He's crazy I tell you; those two things IMO are totally worse!!

Luckily I have found that deep into my second trimester my nausea and migraines are almost non-existent. And I have found a chamomile concoction to help me w my anxiety and insomnia. My house and my mind are a mess, I'm a little (haha) on edge and irritable; my depression still rears it's ugly head way more often than my mania. BUT this, too, shall pass.

I have to suck it up because I refuse psychiatric meds this time, since the baby had very real withdrawals in her first experience with life outside the womb. And that is something I hope to never cause another living thing regardless of my need (I was suicidal!! How quickly ones mind can turn against you).

So blah, blah, blah... If I could, I would. Luckily I don't have problems severe enough to actually have some hardship in making this choice. I find it disconcerting to have a "buzz" during pregnancy anyway, it's against my sensibilities... But a little natural anit-depressant calming agent, I could deal with that!

I have one question to those who said "you're nauseus, suck it up" (in any affect). Do you take Tylenol when you have a headache? The drs all ok that very obvious drug. I don't. That's another symptom I'm "sucking up". Lucky me.

Jessi said...

So super weird to me that anyone would think it was OK.

Alice aka Momma Greenbird said...

One Major flaw to your blog Momma. DES was created and distributed by man, Marijuana is created by Mother Earth. To put the two in the same oh my goodness this is scary category is faulty at best. Marijuana is an herb, not a drug. While I can agree there are no sufficient studies on the safety of smoking pot while pregnant(this is mostly due to fear of judgement, thank you America), I can tell you that the Farm and Ina May Gaskin birthed HUNDREDS of babies whose mommies smoked pot. GENERATIONS later, they are all just fine. Just like anything else, its all about moderation, and most Americans find that concept pretty difficult. Bright Blessing! Momma Greenbird

Alice aka Momma Greenbird said...

P.S. Yes, its illegal for a reason. Its illegal because big business wants it to be illegal because it could financially save this country's arse! the plant its self has more uses than the peanut, can provide CLEAN burning, renewable fuel, superior fabric and thread, and has many many medicinal values (not just by smoking) that can be found no where else on Earth. Of COURSE its illegal. Our government makes more money by pumping us up with pharmaceuticals they approve of that make us even more sick!
p.p.s scuse me, Miss Ano...the one out there that thinks she saw a baby shake from marijuana withdraws....scientifically NOT going to happen. I find your posts a bit trollish and wonder about some moderation of these outlandish statements....

Amy said...

I know I'm late on this one, but I'm shocked at the outrageous claims some of you make. Cerebral Palsy?!?!?! Caused by smoking pot while pregnant?! I quit smoking as soon as I started trying to get pregnant, just as I quit drinking caffeine and alcohol. I had no side effects, no cravings and no withdrawal symptoms. I was a daily smoker and more than just a bowl a day. I quit because I thought it was what was best for my child. Not because some fear monger told me I'd cause low birth weight and my child would develop Cerebral Palsy. When I'm done with breastfeeding, I might smoke again. I don't intend to make it a daily habit as it used to be, but I'm not opposed to it by any means. I feel as though it should be legalized. I won't comment on the rest of the ridiculousness here because some people are making things up to demonize something that has less destructive properties than cigarettes or alcohol which are treated as the norm in our society. All I'm saying is just because it's illegal doesn't make it wrong.

miami nice said...

Late, too and she may never see this but Crunchy_Conservative: You are a brave woman and I'm really sorry you had to be see all this ignorance and cruelty in these "suck it up" themed posts. I've never had HG but have studied it in depth and not only are you telling those women something true, (and that they can't/won't understand) but you are eloquent and made intelligent- though excruciatingly difficult- choices. Good for you for sticking up for yourself and to hell with them. Just as you said- they are lucky they have no idea what they are talking about.

springolife said...

Wow, there are some interesting comments. It's illegal for a reason...the reason is Big's not addictive, it's natural therefore not harmful...Just because something is natural does not mean it is not harmful. I am an herbalist and a student midwife, and a birth doula, and my goal is to be able to treat 100% naturally. So far, I've had a lot of success. However, I am not so uneducated as to believe that my herbs are completely safe without any side effects. That absolutely could be dangerous, even fatal, if used incorrectly.

I have a friend who is extremely addicted to MJ. She has lost relationships over it. It has controlled her life. So perhaps for many (?) it's not addictive but that's not always the case and it's unclear wither it affects the baby. In some circumstances the benefits may outweigh the risks. When I was pregnant with my second I was suffering form heart attack like panic attacks from PTSD. My OBGYN told me to drink wine every day, it was safer for the baby then the meds she could prescribe me.

What drew me into this article was the topic of DES. My grandmother took DES when pregnant with my mom and my uncle. He never had live births, his wife had 4 miscarriages. My mom had four pregnancies and then secondary infertility. She had me (with preterm labor at 36 weeks because of reproductive abnormalities) then a stillbirth at 22 weeks, preterm labor again with my sister and bedrest with massive doses of drugs for several months in the hospital to prevent another micropreemie. Then she had another miscarriage. My sister and I were her only live births. She wanted at least one or two more, but didn't get pregnant again.

Fast forward 20 years. My sister had a miscarriage with her first at 12 weeks. I had twins, but lost the first at 9 weeks and had preterm labor at 26 weeks with the second twin. Then I had two more pregnancies who were born very early. Then my sister had a normal pregnancy, and two miscarriages. I had two more pregnancies, one was premature and the other was another set of twins. I lost one twin early and the other had placental abruption and was stillborn. My sister had a normal pregnancy (doesn't plan to have anymore) and I had another set of twins, and lost both of them, one in the uterus at 7 weeks and the other was ectopic and removed with no heart beat at 12 weeks. All my live births were breech.

They had been telling me that DES would not have affected my sister and I but they finally did an MRI and found I had a massive uterine septum filling up most of my uterus which caused the preterm labor, miscarriages and stillbirth. They surgically removed the septum (it took two surgeries!) but I have not had anymore pregnancies for two years.

My mom has had precancerous nodules removed from her cervix, and I have some weird lump as well. I didn't know that DES has also been linked to cancer. *SIGH*

springolife said...

"What has become more clear in recent years (DES sons and daughters) is the psychological disturbances caused by excessive prenatal estrogen exposure (regardless of source) as measured by the digit ratio. Excessive in-utero estrogen exposure may have an impact on hemispheric brain specialization, and hinder connections to the prefrontal cortex (usually associated with impulse control and concentration).[41] While exposure to DES might not specifically cause them, it may exacerbate a predisposition in individuals susceptible to schizophrenia,[42] anxiety disorders,[43] anorexia,[44] psychopathy,[45] paraphilic (or fetish) sexual interest,[46]and other neurological issues.[47]" Wow, that explains a lot about my mom and uncle. :(

Linda said...

I agree with the general premise -- if we're talking about something psychoactive and it has not been proven to not have a negative effect on a developing fetus, better safe than sorry. That said, I'm not going to judge someone who uses it for HG. Of all psychoactive substances, it is probably the safest. Why is no one talking about the effect of caffeine on developing brains? I'd far rather see a mother ingesting (not smoking) marijuana than coffee. I'd rather see a mother ingesting marijuana than driving to a stressful job in a pollution-filled city. Perspective and rationality have gotten completely lost in the last several decades of drug war-fueled hysteria.

Mama living well said...

To everyone who posted ridiculous comments about withdrawls and horrible problems with birth because of marijuana, you obviously need to do some research into the topic because you are dead wrong.

I also had HG with both of my children and with this current pregnancy as well. I vaporize marijuana because it's the only thing that helped me to manage my life AT ALL during pregnancy. I never smoked until I Was 28 yrs old and it was the only thing, the ONLY thing that helped. I still lost 50 lbs with EACH pregnancy, even with the help of the mj. Can you imagine what it would have been like if I hadn't had that option?

For the record, my babes were 8.5lbs & 8lbs respectively & this baby is "right on target" for weight as well and BOTH of my children are exceptionally healthy~intelligent~well-mannered~etc, etc.

I hope that you NEVER have to deal with REAL HG and if you do, I think you will find yourselves eating your humble pie. You have NO idea what dealing with HG is like, or even some of the more harmful mental conditions that can be controlled safely with mj but are often prescribed many UNSAFE pharmaceuticals instead.

And marijuana is NOT illegal in all places. It is NOT addictive or harmful and the studies that show it KILLS brain cells were flawed and biased. Marijuana has actually been proven to increase brain function, control many potentially deadly diseases and even CURE cancer....

I do hope that none of you awful and selfish big mouths BREATHE since there are so many pollutants in the air. Or drink water because of the contaminants that not even the best of filters will ever get out. Don't eat veggies because you have no idea if they are GMO or sprayed with pesticides that are a million times worse than marijuana..and the list goes on and on and on. You are all so SELFISH for harming your children by injesting these things willfully and without thought of what it will do to your poor children now and later in life!!

I have a newsflash for everyone.

Humans Die.
Every. Single. One.

There is not one thing you an do to change that, and unless you believe in fairy tales, then there is nothing that anything you do will change that. Perhaps you would like to pretend that you actually have any control over life and death while pregnant but the reality is that I know mamas who lived the cleanest, healthiest lives I have ever seen and had babies with CP, heart conditions, low birth weight, still birth and more. And I know mamas who used drugs that had healthy children. I know people in the middle as well. Not ONE of us knows how things work or what really makes a difference, if anything at all. We all do the best we can but it's judgemental posts like this one that make everyone suffer. Your opinion is one thing, but when people trust you for advice, you HAVE to base it on fact and not opinion.

I pray that you have not hurt any unborn babies and their mothers by this blog and it's harmful ideology. To the mother's out there that have the issues that can be corrected by using marijuana, please use it with caution(try vaporizing or tincture) but don't take this blogger's word as law. She is obviously very misinformed in a harmful way about marijuana. Her opinion is not that of everyone and we understand what is needed for our own bodies and children.

Do what is right for you.

I thought I liked Mamabirth's blog but thanks to this post, I will be unfollowing. To even introduce a topic that compares DES to marijuana is ridiculous at best and more to the point, harmful to those mamas who actually NEED to partake and might now avoid it and cause other potentially harmful problems for themselves and their unborn because of the harsh criticism and hurtful comments by the blogger and other relentless commenters who obviously are amongst the "talk first, research NEVER" set.

Shame on you for this post and shame on the others who commented in such uneducated and harsh manners.

strat said...

Extremely crazy. It would be stupid to do it.

arizona pregnancy care

Mama Bear said...

I'm a bit behind on this, but I cannot go without commenting. As someone who suffered "extensively" from nausea (aka, Hyperemesis, or HG), there is no dietary change in the world I could have made to keep from taking prescription drugs, since I simply could not eat or drink anything for the vast majority of my pregnancy. Had I not taken prescription drugs both myself and my baby would have likely died. Trust me, if I had it my way not a single drug would have entered my blood stream. There are many conditions in the pregnancy (pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc) that require medication to survive. It is never ideal, but the outcome would be much worse to mother and child if that choice was not made.

Unknown said...

I am also late on this posting, but i am 100% there with Mama Bear, while i understand you blog to post your opinions on the subject, i highly suggest for you to inform yourself a bit more before posting anything, I suffered from hyperemesis aka HG with both my pregnancies, and if you really knew what it is, you would NEVER suggest a dietary change since theres no way even a sip of water can stay in your system... when people end up with a picc line ( a force feeding tube) is for a reason, trust us when we say if it had been up to us, we wouldn't never taken any medication, but when no nutrition, vitamins, and all the necessary stuff for our babies to develop can enter our bodies and theres a risk of both mom n child to end up dead....YOU MUST TAKE THE MEDICATION. I invite you any any one else who has no clue about the subject to read more, I recommend this website since is very informative....

Unknown said...

I am also late on this posting, but i am 100% there with Mama Bear, while i understand you blog to post your opinions on the subject, i highly suggest for you to inform yourself a bit more before posting anything, I suffered from hyperemesis aka HG with both my pregnancies, and if you really knew what it is, you would NEVER suggest a dietary change since theres no way even a sip of water can stay in your system... when people end up with a picc line ( a force feeding tube) is for a reason, trust us when we say if it had been up to us, we wouldn't never taken any medication, but when no nutrition, vitamins, and all the necessary stuff for our babies to develop can enter our bodies and theres a risk of both mom n child to end up dead....YOU MUST TAKE THE MEDICATION. I invite you any any one else who has no clue about the subject to read more, I recommend this website since is very informative....

mumofmy5qtpiz said...

I'm posting a comment.. not to the fact that one should use marijuana as I don't believe that they should while pregnant. I don't believe in it as I fought so hard against my Dr.'s when I was pregnant each time to not take ANY medications!

This comment "If you suffer extensively from nausea due to pregnancy, please look here for dietary tips that can help remedy many pregnancy symptoms. Remember also that bodily discomforts are your bodies way of trying desperately to tell you something, they are not trying to punish you unnecessarily." shows me what ignorance is truly out there. Mom's are suffering every single day as I did with every one of my four pregnancies, praying they make it through every day. NOT just "nausea," those morning sickness/all day sickness. I'm speaking of hyperemesis gravidarum, where you're constantly nauseated, and/or what you can get in you throw up. You struggle every day of your pregnancy, and no one knows how hard you try to gain/keep wait on. I personally lost 65lbs with my first pregnancy, and each pregnancy lost weight not in such a high amount, landed in the hospital for weeks at a time for IV hydration, was put on PN (parental nutrition because I simply couldn't eat and when I could get it in couldn't keep it there!) I couldn't stand the smell of certain rooms in my house, it was crazy. Patronizing statements get my feathers ruffled when I know how badly both my friends and I suffered from this condition.

It's not ALL as simple as "dietary changes", but as I said.. marijuana isn't the answer. Many of the mom's like me DO have to rely on medications to control nausea and parental nutrition to stay healthy enough to keep themselves and their baby's alive!

I'm sure there will be those who will reply that will wonder why I (and others) would choose to have more than one pregnancy having this condition. I had it with my first and didn't know it wouldn't happen the second time. I guess you're willing to do anything and go through anything including being poked and prodded multiple times for that perfect little bundle they hand you. Nothing I've EVER gone through EVER made me regret my children.. it was pure and absolute hell to go through but that precious moment they said you have a *boy/girl* was THE BEST moment I was EVER GIVEN!

81189d86-38db-11e1-a3d0-000bcdcb471e said...

The day I found out I was pregnant for the first time was the happiest one of my life. I had quit smoking marijuana, drinking... everything. I was ready. 2 days later the nausea started. I was racked by hyperemesis gravidarum, but refused to take any medication, not wanting to hurt the baby. I was so sick I couldn't even keep a sip of water down. I was literally sleeping on the bathmat next to the toilet and puking constantly. After 9 weeks of pure hell I miscarried. I began smoking marijuana when attempting to conceive again. Now well in to my second trimester I have had some nausea, but have not thrown up once, and have been able to eat a healthy diet and keep myself nice and hydrated. The fetus is healthy and measuring perfectly. More importantly, I've been able to feel good, and enjoy this pregnancy in ways I never could've suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Of course this could be a complete coincidence, as every pregnancy is different, but after losing my first precious baby, smoking pot this time around is an easy gamble...well worth the "risks" (which are unproven and, frankly, fearmongerish, in my opinion).

81189d86-38db-11e1-a3d0-000bcdcb471e said...

The day I found out I was pregnant for the first time was the happiest one of my life. I had quit smoking marijuana, drinking... everything. I was ready. 2 days later the nausea started. I was racked by hyperemesis gravidarum, but refused to take any medication, not wanting to hurt the baby. I was so sick I couldn't even keep a sip of water down. I was literally sleeping on the bathmat next to the toilet and puking constantly. After 9 weeks of pure hell I miscarried. I began smoking marijuana when attempting to conceive again. Now well in to my second trimester I have had some nausea, but have not thrown up once, and have been able to eat a healthy diet and keep myself nice and hydrated. The fetus is healthy and measuring perfectly. More importantly, I've been able to feel good, and enjoy this pregnancy in ways I never could've suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum. Of course this could be a complete coincidence, as every pregnancy is different, but after losing my first precious baby, smoking pot this time around is an easy gamble...well worth the "risks" (which are unproven and, frankly, fearmongerish, in my opinion).

Susan said...

I would love to take no drugs in pregnancy but in fact I have to take more during pregnancy than I've had to take at any other time in my life. Yes it's true that I don't enjoy having out of control vomiting, dehydration, weightloss and ending up in hospital on a drip because without it I might die but I also know that those things can harm my baby. Taking medication has controlled my hyperemesis to the point that this time I haven't had a hospital admission but I've still been in bed for the last six weeks so it doesn't stop the massive disruption to my life. Prior to onset of vomiting I had a good healthy, whole foods, cooked from scratch diet but now I just have to eat whatever I can manage. I feel so strongly about a healthy diet that I bought a second freezer and cooked and froze four months of lunches and dinners for my husband and daughter before I got pregnant to ensure they can still eat healthily even though I am ill. Diet does NOT cause my illness and I most certainly do not take medication just for my own personal benefit without consideration of my baby's wellbeing. Please do your research before suggesting that a life threatening condition can be managed through diet instead of medication.

Susan said...

PS If you go to my blog you can see a glimpse of what mild HG is like. Bear in mind that words do not at all convey how bad it is and that mine is mild - many women have it much much worse than mine ever has been.

MissTeddi said...

I'm with Mama Bear and the other later posters. I am not for Marijuana and I have never smoked anything a day in my life but if a little helped me to get through HG, then I would do it. You have no idea. In publicising a blog you have a responsibility to educate yourself on things you know nothing before posting about them. I would be dead if not for the drugs I took during pregnancy or aborted the baby long before. I tried every dietary thing in existence to help because I was like minded with you but you have to understand HG is NOT morning sickness, it's something the medical community doesn't at all understand why up to 2% of the population has to go through this. I took no less then 5 drugs during pregnancy to keep my body functioning enough to even carry a baby. I've heard medical marijuana helps. I'm open minded. Think of the worst possible hangover you have ever had, dizzy, vomiting, unable to stand, body aches, exhaustion and the promise in your head "I will never drink again". That is HG, only it's every day, 24 hours a day for some women for 9 months! I don't blame you for not understanding, how could you, but I blame you for judging women who are only trying to do the very best they can when everyone around them is telling them to try soda crackers.

HG DAD said...

I m the father of 2 HG children (and 1 on the way) and the husband of an HG mom. I think it is ignorant for this woman to post such stupid comments. What works for one may not work for another. I would like to see this woman go through what my wife has and say it isw her diet. I have held my wifes hair out of her eyes countless times only to realize that nothing she eats or drinks helps. She has had two NATURAL BIRTHS and we have 2 very smart and handsome young men. It is more selfish for this bitch to open her mouth on a subject she knows "nothing about". Especially when she is undoubtably not a doctor. Marijuana is not an addictive drug. There has never been any science to prove it effects an unborn child negatively. There are a hundred other drugs that doctors prescribe that do. Also I have no doubt that the food today has more dangerous substances contained in them such as preservatives. So unless this bitch eats nothing but organic food and doesn't feed her children anything with preservatives, SHUT YOUR F"IN MOUTH. I know I am not perfect, but my children are. i could have lost both my wife and unborn child because of HG. I wouldn't change a thing she or her doctors have done. More fathers of HG children need to stand up and speak for their families, I know what they go through. It is hard on all of us....HG moms don't just get sick, ther lives as well as the babies are at risk. SUCK IT UP what does that mean, if you have not dealt with this shut your mouth, you only make yourselves to be ignorant, selfish, and cold. I cant say enough "SHUT YOUR UNEDUCATED MOUTHS" Also how many of these woman rushed to vaccinate thier babies right after birth. They need to do research on all aspects of a babies development instead of focusing on HG moms smoking a little weed. There are far more harmful chemicals in a vaccination thatn in pot. DUMB BITCHES......

638a0ba2-3f4c-11e1-be68-000f20980440 said...

Fellow pot smokers, i think you are losing your minds...I get what your saying about pot in general. It's not this evil drug that destroys entire countries and tears down nations, but it probably shouldn't be smoked during pregnancy. I find many arguments for the contrary really disheartening and concerning.

Granted, any person claiming marijuana to have minimal risks to pregnancy may be completely correct and I'm not too proud to admit that. But we cannot be certain. That uncertainty should lead an intelligent and responsible pregnant women to put down the bong for 9 months.

However, when a women has a medical condition that smoking some pot is a possible remedy, she should entitled to due so.

But everyone else...

Weed + Pregnancy = ? So why do it?

My favorite posts are the, well i know someone who smoked and their kid was fine. Apparently you would jump off the bridge with your buddies too. Good for you champ, want a cookie? (Not referring to women suffering from medical conditions)

I LOVE my weed. Don't really love seeing my girlfriend smoking bongs with my child inside her. Maybe he/she doesn't want THC in them.

Why oh why are people trying to encourage smoking pot during pregnancy? I think the pot might be affecting some people more than they think...
Tisk Tisk, giving us such a bad name.

bloggyDoggyMom said...

I think there's a lot of proof in my own family that smoking marijuana while pregnant is not harmful. My mother had severe hyperemesis in several pregnancies, and she miscarried 4 times because of it. She then tried marijuana in her future pregnancies and had my brother and I.

We are 31 and 42 years old now, and are perfectly normal healthy people.

Hyperemesis is commenly passed to female children, and I also had severe cases of it during my pregnancy. I had to take drugs that made me unable to move or think clearly and made my musclues ache and twitch. They also cost $1200 per month, and my insurance company fought paying for them.

I tried medical marijuana on the recommendation of 2 doctors, and my parents, and I had 2 healthy babies, the oldest is an extremely healthy & normal teen, the other is a perfect 1 year old. Bother were over 7 lbs at birth, perfectly healthy, and I'm thankful for the availability of my medicine.

BubbleBums said...

Wow! Thank you so much for this post! But most of all to all the ppl that had comments. It was an education in itself and rather eye-opening as at the beginning I could have written the post and at the end I'm simply grateful to have never been faced with having to decide what to take to keep either myself or baby alive.
I appreciate all points of views and encourage continued discussion so that there might be more understanding in general of mothers.

Heather said...

Disclaimer: I have never smoked pot. However, people close to me do, so I have always been around it, both medicinally and recreationally.

MamaBirth: you probably shoulda left this one alone, since you are pretty short on actual facts to report--as you can see, all you did was open up a flame war, and the only actual facts to be reported in the comments aren't on your side.

Various anonymous posters: Marijuana is NOT an addictive substance. This is not opinion, it is scientific fact. It does NOT cause shaking withdrawals...but shaking after a birth is common for many women. My midwives have given me Rescue Remedy for this with my last two births. It's coming off the adrenaline spike from giving birth. MJ also does not cause CP. Last I heard, that had more to do with oxygen deprivation at birth, which is quite common, especially with immediate cord cutting, and can cause all manner of problems.
As for why pot is illegal, well, kids, follow the money. Having pot itself be illegal is of huge benefit to the pharmaceutical companies (yes, pot is VERY medicinally effective--our gov't won't allow much research, but that doesn't mean other countries are as stupid as we are--the facts are out there), and, of course, the big alcohol producers, as legal pot is cheaper than beer. Because pot is illegal, our gov't also banned the growing of hemp (which is NOT good for getting high). Having hemp be illegal benefits corn growers, timber interests, cotton growers, oil companies, producers of synthetic's a long list. Pot was originally banned because an easier way to process hemp into fiber was invented and E. I. duPont, whose company had just invented synthetic fabrics didn't want cheap hemp fiber available. He pointed out to his buddy in the newspaper business, who had extensive timber interests, William Randolph Hearst, that the new machine also meant that hemp would be cheaper to make paper out of than trees. Together, they started the anti-marijuana campaign, with the real aim of getting hemp farming ended. THAT's why pot is illegal. It's illegality has absolutely NOTHING to do with its use as a drug.

HGMAMA said...

@ 638a0ba2-3f4c-11e1-be68-000f20980440
Marijuana is safer than the loads of expensive, untested medicines they give to HG women.
My doctor told me that by the time I am done with one HG pregnancy my insurance will have spent over 80,000$ on unsafe, untested prescriptions alone. I am a "pioneer" in the Mariol during pregnancy trial and honestly would rather not have the synthetic chemicals introduced by these major pharma companies. But... In my state it is the closet thing to legal marijuana - which seems to be the BEST cure for what I have.
It is people like YOU and Montel Williams who give a bad name to weed only using it to serve your own selfish purposes. Look into the facts!!!
And to the writer of this "blog" - If it was not for these "unsafe" drugs, my children and I would not be here. Hyperemesis is not a joke, it claims lives of women and children everyday. I pray you never know the extent of illness I have had to deal with, because honestly - YOU COULDN'T HANDLE IT! And as for your "natural delivery", I can do that too. You see us HG women laugh in the face of labor, it means sweet relief from the 9 months of hell we just endured. LABOR IS THE EASY PART OF MY PREGNANCY. OVER 20% OF AMERICAN WOMEN (MORE AROUND THE WORLD) ENGAGE IN DRUG FREE BIRTHS. LESS THAN 2% ENDURE HG. THAT 2% IS THE STRONGEST PERCENT OF WOMAN YOU WILL EVER KNOW, THE 20% IS MERELY NORMAL.

chantellesxoxo said...

Im 21 years old, and pregnant with my first child. I was a chronic marijuana smoker for 7 years, found out I was pregnant and subsequently quit pot the day I realized I had life inside of me.

I have done my research of studies of the use of marijuana during pregnancy, after being told by numerous people that lighting up isnt harmful to your fetus. Fact is, ANY drug taken while pregnant crosses through the placental barrier. Smoking depletes oxygen in your blood, therefore in a way, suffocating your baby.

The reason there is no UNBIASED research done on this topic is because nobody would suggest to a pregnant woman to take an illegal drug in order to prove scientific facts. Truth is, its better to be safe than sorry.

I believe alot of people think smoking marijuana during pregnancy is acceptable because the ingredient that gets you high is THC. The only downside to this is that THC is not the ONLY active ingredient found in pot. Countless chemicals and addititives are joined to the drug to make it weigh heavier, the consumer feel more stoned, etc.

I am Canadian, and to be busted with marijuana here is a slap on the wrist, maybe some community hours, while having possesion in America leads to extreme punishment. One would assume most Canadians would have a higher tolerance of judging women who toke when pregnant. This is simply not true. In my country, regardless of the lack of punishment for the "crime" of smoking pot, it is still considered an illegal substance, and to consume it would be looked down upon, much like smoking cigarettes.

That being said, countless of people I know well lit up during first, second and third trimesters and their babies are completely normal, healthy and smart kids. But to me, its simply not worth the risk. Theres more to this world than a bud of juicy, stinky green, however wonderful it might be. Im quit for life and I encourage every other pregnant women to butt out as well.

Gerald M.Whitaker said...

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bitwire said...

If anyone with half a mind has read this entire blog would agree that in the event that Marijuana is required in such events as HG that they are entirely safe and I would strongly recommend them over any other form of medication for the reason the these other drugs have horrible side effects where as MJ you feel more calm and rested.

I wouldn't recommend it as something you should do heavily but anyone in disagreement is just plain crazy. My fiance has an eating disorder, extreme hip pain from being pushed by a shoplifter during her last pregnancy and she would smoke MJ from time to time our baby girl came out 8lb 8oz she is perfectly healthy, sleeps very well and she is a very alert baby. In reading all the negative feedback here is coming from people who are against MJ in general so really have no idea what they are talking about and should keep there mouths shut.

I commend all the mothers & fathers on here who have stood up for themselves and talking about there experiences.

KittyDoll83 said...

I love this post and I agree with you 100%

3prboys said...

I'm not gonna debate here, but have u ever lived with chronic pain? Obviously not. Ive never smoked during pregnancy. This US my 4th child, but i didn't have chronic pain til now. Sometimes our choices r taken away from us n we have to have c sections or take meds during pregnancy. The reason why they say no meds r safe us because the research has not been done because what preg woman wants to b the tester?? Hence the lack of research. Not all if us moms can have natural childbirth. I think ur being close minded. I for one gave always put my babies first, but if I don't take care if myself, u cannot care properly for my kids!!

Anonymous said...

I Don't think that smoking while pregnant is good for you because smoking anything is bad for you really, with the exception of a vaporizer cause they are amazing. But eating it wouldn't be harmful at all! One it would help with nausea as others said. Two it would be a great pain reliever, help get restful sleep without waking up to back pains and feeling bloated. I know that when i am crampin from TOM (time of month) that i really need mary jane around to help me relax and put my extremely high hormone levels down to a more normal rate. So the mother could simply bake herself goodies or buy them depending on where you are, and cook it into her food and have it that way. Then there is no smoke or residue. And just some fun facts in regards to a couple posts i read. first of all the reason that pot is illegal is because it is too useful and big oils companies would lose all their money if we used hemp fuel instead of gasoline. Cause a clean burning fuel would help make our planet more "green" and would also make the US self sufficient! If cannabis was legal not only would we have clean fuel we would have another material for clothing, paper,medicine ( for example: In Chinese medicine, The Shen-Nung recommended marijuana seed for beri-beri, constipation and absent mindedness, female weakness, gout, malaria, rheumatism. In ancient Germany, hemp sprigs were laid on the body to treat convulsions and aid difficult births.),it would create new jobs, and so on. Another fun fact about cannabis is that in the 1941 Henry Ford Created a Hemp car just watch this just thought i would share some facts about weed and how it is useful and there is more on how it is not a drug. you can use it responsibly you just have to have common sense and if you are " addicted" to pot its probably because it is one of the only things that will help you come down off whatever else youre smoking. And if you have never ever done it then you have no right to pass judgement because one, you have no real experience with it besides what has been told to you therefore you lean more towards what you have heard and not experienced. That is all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this blogger is uninformed and spreading incorrect information. Marijuana is a plant. You can literally pick the leaves, chew them, and get a buzz. It is not addictive and contains no harmful chemicals. Tylenol is more harmful. Smoke 20 Dutchies and you'll be really high. Take 20 tylenols and you'll be Really Dead.
Did you know, eating a single nutmeg seed will make you hallucinate for up to 2 days; just 20 bitter almonds will kill you from their cyanide content; a bagful of poppy seeds will make you high and contains several addictive substances...???
There are Many things in nature (not chemically altered) that will get you smashed. Are they All Drugs to you? Or is it just weed? Matter of factly, the tryptophan in your thanksgiving turkey makes you high - they put it in sleep aids! So please learn the difference between naturally occurring substances and Drugs, and stop misinforming the public. While you're at it, get over yourself.

Velas Kesakes said...

This is a great blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. Thanks for sharing such a nice information to everyone. legal highs

Anonymous said...

Just cos it's 'natural' and 'organic' doesn't make it safe. Cobra venom is natural and organic too, but we don't go injecting it into our bodies.

On the other hand, the difference between medicine and poison is often quantity.

Talk to your doctor. I stayed clear of anything and everything while pregnant and breastfeeding. I figure my kid's gonna have plenty of time to alter his brain himself when he's older. Hopefully I can teach him better than do stupid things though. Meanwhile, I'd like to give him the best chance at a fully developed brain.

Anonymous said...

Wooow. This article is BS as are most of the comments ..... i smoked marijuana with all 3 of my children and they are healthy above average, intelligent above average and comprehensive above average. All this about it being "a drug" is crap.... drugs are man made a plant IS NOT...... get off your high horses, i know women who did everything by the book to the letter and still wound up with a defective baby so it's all a roll of the dice in my opinion ... and if you don't like it you can choke on my smoke (pun fully intended)

Bec said...

Marijuana isn't PHYSICLLY addictive, sure it can be mentally addictive, but if you're prostituting your children out to get it etc.'re probably just a weak, rubbish person full stop, can't blame people being stupid selfish and useless on the weed, they were probably stupid selfish and useless anyway

Lori said...

A lot of the people commenting are so poorly misinformed on the subject of marijuana that they have to put down the people that use it, I'm guessing to make themselves feel better about being ” drug free”. Well congratulations, but some us aren't as lucky. You have no place to judge someone that has to take ANY kind of drug while pregnant. We all have different situations and if weed is the last resort, so be it!! I'm currently 7 months pregnant with a very healthy baby boy that is growing and developing at an excellent rate. I also throw up every single day nonstop, until I smoke marijuana. Then I can eat, and keep it down, go to work to provide for my family, and stay active and healthy for my baby boy. If you can have a natural pregnancy and birth, good for you but if you can't, there nothing wrong with that! Sometimes we have to do what we have to do. My doctor told me that if I were to lay in bed puking all day (which is what happens when I dont smoke) then I would be in a lot worse shape and my son would not be getting the correct nutrients due to the fact that i can't keep food down. I would do anything for my son. And I'm very confident that he will be very successful in life, even though I've smoked weed. I have not drank alcohol and have not done any other drug besides my anti depressant because I need that or else my son will be inside an anxious and depressed mother which is worse than me smoking. If you have any comments, make sure theyre valid and that youre not just another woman with no experience with difficult pregnancies trying to judge where you have no right.

Anonymous said...

Omg!!! Shut up, looking at this post makes me so pissed!!!

artis mooney said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
eve said...

A lot of these post seem hostile and judgmental. Has anyone ever researched the long term effects of Tylenol? Tylenol is regularly prescribed to pregnant mamas and little babies. It has been definitively linked to liver disfunction and asthma! (References below)

I think a big part of the issue here is that marijuana has a negative social stigma attached with deep roots. I appreciate where people are coming from, i.e. protecting our babies, however I'm not sure these folks have experienced what some mamas go through.

I think it is healthy to be aware that western medicine is not always the best way and mamas need to trust themselves to make the right decision for them. For me this doesn't always mean blindly following a dr OR an impulse, but informing ourselves and weighing the benefits and risks.

All kinds of medications are given to mamas with crazy side effects and risks. These drugs are legal so many don't question taking them because they trust that their dr wouldn't give them something harmful.

Pregnant women DO have an inherent wisdom, which is under valued and muted by all of the information out there today. Googling is enough to give me an anxiety attack, when liability takes the place of a little common sense.

It saddens me that the world seems so hostile to pregnant ladies sometimes. I don't feel the need to criticize other mamas for their choices. It is dangerous and irresponsible to group marijuana with tobacco and alcohol, which have very real and consistent evidence of fetal harm when marijuana simply does not. I wouldn't recommend that anyone use marijuana without a definite benefit to their health during pregnancy, and smoking is certainly not the best option, however I strongly disagree that the mother should throw aside her well being while pregnant. Self care is a HUGE factor in healthy pregnancy.

"JAMA"; Aminotransferase Elevations in Healthy Adults Receiving 4 Grams of Acetaminophen Daily: a Randomized Controlled Trial, Watkins PD, et. al., July 5, 2006, 296(1)
"Lancet"; Association Between Paracetamol use in Infancy and Childhood, and Risk of Asthma, Rhinoconjunctivitis, and Eczema in Children, Beasley R, et. al., Sept 20, 2008, 372(9643)
"Clinical and Experimental Allergy"; The Role of Paracetamol in the Pathogenesis of Asthma, Farquhar H., et. al., January 2010, 40(1)
"Arthritis Research"; The Risk of Upper Gastrointestinal Complications Associated with Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, Glucocorticoids, Acetaminophen, and Combinations of These Agents, Garcia Rodrigues, LA, et. al., 2001, 3(2)
Read more:

eve said...

Anonymous said...
Omg!!! Shut up, looking at this post makes me so pissed!!!

I just don't see how this is a constructive or intelligent contribution to the conversation.

Anonymous said...

I have just found out in the last couple of hours that I am pregnant! Great, but I too have been smoking weed since the age of 14 (now 25), having 3 or more joints a night. The thought of giving up - the mood swings, the anxiety, the lack of sleep is hard but now I've found out there is no way I could smoke another one, I'd feel too bad. So I'll deal with the bad effects and get over it as there's no way id risk this little ones health for my selfish needs, at the end of the day it was my choice to get addicted not my babies. Fair enough to the woman above who's violently sick and really sufferers, that's different and your well being is important. For anyone who says its not addictive, thats aload of shit. You should see me without a joint and then tell me its not!! Wish me luck it's gonna be hard but soo worth it to bring this little one into the world with the best possible chance xx

Anonymous said...

It is illegal because a former president labeled it as a narcotic while giving false descriptions of how it actually made you feel. There is a movie called reefer madness basically depicting why it is illegal maybe you should watch this movie and the smoke a little marijuana and then decide how spot on it is.

Anonymous said...

Kerry Stacey the emmerdale actress who played tonisha daggert had a baby 5 months ago and smoked marijuana every day of her pregnancy and even took cocaine early on, luckily the baby was born healthy except he didn't want to breathe and took doctors over 4 minuets to get him to take his first breath. However the constant drug abuse over the years has took it's toll on Kerry, she is so paranoid she is now a single mum living on benefits in a council flat, I just hope there are no hidden side effects to appear in the babies future.

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more information on smoking marijuana while breast feeding. Someone i know is breast feeding while using marijuana.This mother is very much so health conscious a vegetarian, and all organic and takes no medications or any thing not natural ever n stands by that. How do i convince or help them see that smoking marijuana is not healthy for them or baby?

Anonymous said...

You don't shake from weed withdrawal. Also, a woman that consumes more food will have a larger baby. I'm almost 100% sure that her baby's lungs were suctioned before they even attempted to fierce breathe. I didn't do any drugs or alcohol while pregnant and my son had the same type of problem with his lungs. I doubt that you know SEVERAL mothers that smoked marijuana while pregnant. Even if you did, tell me, what is a small baby? Do you know the weight range of "normal" newborns.

Anonymous said...

High five^^^

MrsWatts2011 said...

I concur!!!

Anonymous said...

My mom was given a drug to help with her horrible morning sickness when she was pregnant with her first. Her water broke at 31 weeks, and my sister was born and given a 50% survival rate (this was 1981). Later, the drug was taken off the market, because they found it was thinning the amniotic sac. Wow. I was taking meds for anxiety when I found out I was expecting our third baby (surprise!). I immediately stopped, and was very blessed to be able to stay off of it completely during this pregnancy. My Dr initially told me it was rated a C for safety (not comforting), but that she felt that I would be okay taking it if I really needed to, because my health could affect the baby's. I did everything I could to avoid it, and am SO glad that I have not put my baby at any unknown risk- SO not worth it!! They only have one body to live with, and it's completely unfair for their mother to potentially jeoporadize their chances at a healthy life.

Anonymous said...

Cerebral palsy is NOT causes by smoking marijuana.

Anonymous said...

Antidepressants are PROVEN to have side-effects for baby (although minor), and marijuana does not. I have severe depression and seasonal depression as well as panic attacks. I'd rather vaporize marijuana than take a chance with antidepressants. Going unmedicated is not an option.

Anonymous said...

Wow. This is intense. Let me start out by saying I am not and have never been a pot smoker. Not at all. I am also not a complainer. I just want to share my story. My morning sickness started at 5 weeks and 5 days. I remember exactly. I was diagnosed with Hyperemisis Gravidarum at 8 weeks after losing 32 pounds. Over the past 14 weeks I have been in and out of the hospital 7 times for at least 2-3 days each. I have a had to shut down my business as a yoga teacher and massage therapist. I now have a home health aide come to my house every other day to take care of me while my husband is at work because I have a PICC line in my chest for Zofran, Reglan, Benadryl and I have a feeding tube through my nose. I have switched doctors twice because they suggested I abort this pregnancy and honestly in a couple of dark hours I considered it. My doctor now actually suggested I try smoking pot because my body is treating this baby like a cancer. I live in Oklahoma so I was shocked by this! I smoke now, but only about once every two weeks. I think before you judge someone's actions you need to know the whole story. I don't feel proud of this action, but I do feel like I need to be honest to shed some light on why someone might go down this road. I want a healthy baby as bad as the next mother and if pot helps me get there, then there is no argument for me. Honestly, a baby in my stomach is better than an aborted one. If you want to judge me so be it, but telling me to suck it up...have some compassion. I know I would for you if you were in my shoes.

Anonymous said...

My best friend is a child to a mother who smoke marajauna while pregnant along with her two little sisters ages one and three and they are all normal my best friend and I are seventeen I am pregnant and I find marajuanna is a great morning sickness cure and as long as you don't eat it your baby should be fine also you should quite during the baby's brain growth starting at seven months and marajuana is a healing herb and the only reason people call it a drug is because they never tried it and if they do they will relize it stops your pain in fact some doctors prescribe it to patients who have other drug problems and it helps them get through the shakes and sweat

Matt said...

Please with the "Marijuana may make you think you're getting treated but just changes the way your brain sees it."

False. It has been shown to slow the growth of cancer cells, and in recent studies, shown to possibly even kill cancer cells.

Furthermore, go ask someone with severe epilepsy (my wife) if they would like their brain to perceive their pain a different way. Or someone with multiple sclerosis. Or someone with rheumatoid arthritis.

Add to this the fact that marijuana has no physically addictive properties and withdrawal symptoms (hell, the short term memory loss is only active while intoxicated and has been proven not to be permanent) and you have a drug that is exponentially safer than most any other painkiller on the market.

You did admit that you are biased in your blog, but "reefer madness" paranoia is costing people effective and safe treatment. My wife's doctor wants her to take oxycontin for her pain but she refuses because of its addictive properties. Pot has been one of the only things that has been able to instantly and effectively relax the pain and convulsions of a seizure, yet we can't yet legally get it in our state.

Information is all over about why marijuana actually became illegal, and it has nothing to do with its physical effects.

Mama Birth said...

Provide one single study to prove that. Thanks. You can't.

Matt Buckley said...

It's not hard to find.

Green Mama said...

While I would never argue that marijuana is not a drug (hate when stoners say that, as I am well aware that anything that alters the mind or body is such), I have to disagree about the danger factor. There has been ONE conclusive study ever done on this topic, without any interference or propaganda fueling it. That would be by Melanie Dreher. Her study spanned over a decade where she checked out the moms who smoked during pregnancy, while breastfeeding and included follow-ups with the babies later. The trouble with studies done in the US is that women are generally users of tobacco, caffeine and other drugs and medications. However, the study done by Melanie Dreher was done in rural Jamaica where the women weren't combining other drugs with their marijuana use. I would encourage you to look up some of her information, it's really interesting. ;-)

I have some information about this study on my blog somewhere.

In any case, I love your blog!

Hollow Sanguine said...

Mama birth, no disrespect... but that was just a can of worms you shouldn't have opened. And the comment of "Provide one single study to prove it. Thanks. You can't." Just blew the image if maturity I had if you.

Tonya Little said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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Dipti said...

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Jew Dee said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ashley Kennedy said...

I just wanted to share my experience: I had HG when I was pregnant and in desperation tried marijuana to control it and it worked. That was 6 years ago. My daughter was born weighing 8 pounds and 21 inches long. She is 6 now and has consistently reached delevopmental milestones ahead of time.

pascal said...

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Serena Linley said...

probs wasn't the marijuana, and this is plain ridiculous, weed is a drug.... it is a f***ing plant, so are all other plants drugs too? is aleo vera a drug cause its a plant and harmful for you no.. its actually proven to help skin from sun burns and lots other stuff, so is that gonna harm my body? really who the hell knows, maybe it does but to people worry to stop using it during pregnancy... NO! So this is so incorrect, it is not mixed with chemicals if it was then it would be harmful like smokes and other chemically made drugs, but weed isn't mixed with anything.. probably just a unlucky baby hun. I also have never heard a pregnant women other then this b.s about there baby ever having a problem from just marijuana, and pregnant women lie all the time about alcohol consumption, she coulda drank and never said anything.

Jenn Godfrey said...

Sorry but this is what happebs when you post something without being educated on the issue. MARIJUANA IS NOT PHYSICALLY HABIT FORMING ONLY MENTALLY HABITUAL. If this baby was withdrawling then you were kept in the dark because THC does not cause withdrawls. Obviously there was some other substance involved. I was actually tipped off by my doctor to ty it because i was so sick, I couldnt keep anything down. Two very HEALTHY and untelligent children later. Dont believe everything you hear dear!! said...

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Anonymous Mommy said...

You had me reading this article as if I was going to learn something. There were no proven facts, just a bunch of one sided opinions. You should find some facts and add them to this article. I know several mothers who smoked weed during pregnancy and their children are super smart. Some extremely healthy and some not. But what caused their ailments is unknown. But they are all smart, happy kids. I wish I wouldn't have wasted my time reading this. I'm pregnant and suffer from Bipolar. The health risks of my depression and anxiety to my fetus are so high that my doctors all recommend that I take psychological medications. I'm not comfortable with a pill that I know nothing about. And all these medications come with a long list of possible side effects including death. For this reason I choose to puff a small amount of weed once in a while. It keeps me from winding up at the emergency room with anxiety attacks. I'm almost due and my baby already weighs almost 8 lbs. We can see him practicing his breathing on the ultra sound, his heart looks great and everything else looks normal. I'll give an update when he comes out, some real evidence.

Jenny Johnson said...

I just read this. I agree that women should be very safe and healthy during pregnancy. However, the claim that your brain does notfunction properly to give pain signals is very inaccurate. I have breasted cancer for the third time. This time is the first time smoking pot for. Cancer. The pot sends signals to my brain and every inch of scar tissue becomes painful. But I find this good because with cancer you start to tabor sides and you get crooked. Pot encourages me to think, stretch, and eat. All good things for me. It is a healing medicine not an stupidity drug. Unless of course you are a bum and sit around the house smoking pot all day. People who need it don't. Do that.

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Hello everything one,

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rm said...

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